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College of Education Produces PSAs to Recruit Teachers

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Jennifer Parks, (808) 956-0416
UHM College of Education
Posted: Dec 10, 2008

In an effort to address the ongoing need for Hawaiʻi teachers, the College of Education‘s Connections to Teaching Careers, LEI Aloha, and Department of Educational Technology have developed three public service announcements (PSAs). The PSAs feature Hawaiʻi DOE teachers explaining the rewards of teaching.

Educational technology professor, Dr. Curtis Ho, explains, "By showing real teachers sharing why teaching is so rewarding, we hope that current students thinking about their future careers, and even non-education professionals looking at a career change, will see the teacher in themselves and choose to become teachers."

KGMB, KHON, and Oceanic have agreed to provide airtime. The Hawaiʻi DOE Teleschool Branch and UH Distributed Learning & User Services will also show the PSAs on their educational channels. It is anticipated that other stations will support this initiative by providing airtime as well.

Executive producer, Patrick Nakamura, states, "All aspects of the PSAs — the photography, visual effects, music, and quotes — help to send positive messages about the teaching profession and education in Hawaiʻi." To watch and read more about the PSAs online, direct your browser to

For inquiries, contact the Connections to Teaching Careers project at (808) 956-7341 or