Chuck Gee receives Taiwan Tourism Bureau's Lifetime Achievement Award

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Posted: Mar 7, 2011

Chuck Gee, at right, accepts the award from Taiwan President Ma Ying-Jeou at a ceremony in February.
Chuck Gee, at right, accepts the award from Taiwan President Ma Ying-Jeou at a ceremony in February.
Chuck Gee, Dean Emeritus of the UH Mānoa School of Travel Industry Management (TIM) and a member of the UH Board of Regents, was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2011 Taiwan Tourism Festival Awards Ceremony on February 15. Taiwan President Ma Ying-Jeou presented the award, which recognizes outstanding tourism professionals and businesses for their contributions to Taiwan’s tourism industry.
“Chuck Gee is truly deserving of this honor for his lifetime of contributions to the international travel industry and impressive commitment to tourism education at our University,” said UH Mānoa Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw.
According to Gee, the honor is really a recognition of the significant contributions made by the School of TIM in cooperation with East-West Center in the training of National Tourism Administration officials and executives for Taiwan and other Pacific Asian destinations at the early stages of tourism development in Hawai‘i and the region. 
“I just happened to be the person at the helm of TIM coinciding with the growth of travel and tourism development—which saw less than half a million international arrivals in the late 1950s to a soaring 395 million-plus arrivals in the Asia Pacific Region last year,” said Gee. “I view this award less as a personal honor than as a testment to the important role played by the University in the region."  
TIM Dean Juanita Liu pointed out that the well-deserved award to Dean Emeritus Gee is rarely granted to a non-Taiwanese citizen. 
“It is a testament to his noteworthy achievements that have put the TIM School and UH on the map in terms of being the premier institution for higher learning for hospitality/tourism in Hawai‘i and the region,” said Liu. “The demand for educational and training programs is booming just as tourism is expanding, and Hawai‘i is fortunate to be in a leadership position due to the strong foundations that Chuck established during his tenure as TIM Dean for over 20 years.”
Gee is an internationally recognized authority in tourism and hospitality education, who has served a vital role with tourism-related organizations including the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)and the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). He has received several prestigious awardsover the years, including the Award of Excellence for Tourism Education from the National Tourism Administration of the People’s Republic of China, Pacific Asia Travel Association’s Presidential Award and Grand Award for Individual Educational Accomplishment, Academy of Tourism Organizations’ NOAH Award and Travel Industry Association’s America Hall of Leaders Award.