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Water Resources Research Center hosts wastewater sustainability conference

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Philip S. Moravcik, (808) 956-3097
Junior Specialist, Water Resources Research Center
Posted: Oct 13, 2011

Due to its geographic isolation, limited physical resources, unique ecosystems, and susceptibility to natural disasters, Hawai‘i faces immediate challenges in meeting the populations’ demand for water and ensuring safe and environmentally sound disposal of wastewater.
The UH Mānoa Water Resources Research Center is addressing these concerns through a conference on November 14-16 at the Ala Moana Hotel on the general theme of water and wastewater sustainability in island environments. Other conference focus areas include: groundwater issues, surface water issues, wastewater issues, water-energy nexus and natural and manmade disasters.
All researchers, managers, utility providers, students, and decision-makers with an interest in island water supply and sanitation are invited to participate in the conference.  While this meeting should be of particular interest to anyone concerned with water sustainability on Pacific islands, researchers and representatives from organizations outside of this research area are invited to participate and share their experience and knowledge.  
The conference organizing committee consists of the directors of the four USGS/NIWR water centers.
• Dr. Chittaranjan Ray, Water Resources Research Center, UH Mānoa  
• Dr. Henry H. Smith, Virgin Islands Water Resources Research Institute
• Dr. Jorge Rivera-Santos, Puerto Rico Water Resources and Environmental Research Institute
• Dr. Gary Denton, Water and Environmental Research Institute of the Western Pacific in Guam
These four centers (along with 50 others in the continental United States) operate under the United States Geological Survey’s Water Resources Research Institute Program to address problems and issues of water and wastewater management that affect our regions with programs of target research.
For more information on the conference or registration, contact Dr. Aly El-Kadi at or visit:

For more information, visit: