GoFarm Hawai'i @ Kaua'i CC cultivates the next generation of farmers

Kauaʻi Community College
Camilla Matsumoto, (808) 245-8280
Comm Relations & Spec Proj, Chancellor's Office
Posted: Sep 16, 2015

Farmers proudly display their harvest.
Farmers proudly display their harvest.
GoFarm Hawai'i @ Kaua'i CC program participants.
GoFarm Hawai'i @ Kaua'i CC program participants.

LIHUE—Interested in Agriculture? An exciting opportunity to cultivate food is at Kauaʻi Community College. GoFarm Hawaiʻi @ Kauaʻi CC, a non-credit program, offers those with an interest in agriculture a combination of knowledge, experience, and support designed to assist them in becoming viable food production growers—and accomplishes this in a manner that encourages sustainability.

GoFarm Hawaiʻi @ Kauaʻi CC is for those who want to support sustainability on Kauaʻi, grow good food, minimize dependency on food importation, and learn what is needed for an island to be more self-sufficient. The program emphasizes the practical skills and knowledge needed to become a successful agricultural entrepreneur. The curriculum integrates “hands-on” fundamentals of farm production with business management. Students learn the realities of farming directly from well-seasoned mainstream farmers, agricultural specialists, experienced educators and those involved directly in the marketing and sales of agricultural commodities.

The program consists of two phases. Once a week for a month (September 19th – October 10th) tours of farms across the island are conducted. The second phase (October 17th – February 6th, 2016) is where the real hands-on learning takes place. Coupled with this, Thursday nights, lectures and talk story sessions about science and business elements of farming are presented by special guest speakers who are directly involved in Hawaiʻi’s agriculture.  Saturdays are farm days, where each student applies the knowledge gained to the field on their own 1000 sq. ft. farm plot.

This past spring GoFarm Hawaiʻi @ Kauaʻi CC met with flourishing success. Crops included cabbage, taro, ginger, bok choi, daikon, mustard greens, lettuce, baby greens, green beans, cucumber, pumpkin, squash, tomatoes, okra, kale, beets, swiss chard, cilantro, corn, carrots, and even a variety of flowers. Over 1,200 lbs of produce was grown and harvested.

Ready to Go Farm, learn and apply practical skills to produce an abundance of food? Hurry and sign up now! Call Kaua'i CC’s Office of Continuing Education and Training (OCET) at 245-8318.  You can stop by OCET to sign up in person or register online at www.kauai.hawaii.edu.

Story written with Eric Hansen, Coordinator for GoFarm Hawaiʻi @ Kauaʻi CC.