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University of Hawaii Delegation Strengthens Ties with Korea

UH officials travel to Korea to build relationships with Korean universities and reconnect with UH alumni

University of Hawaiʻi
Jenny Samaan, (808) 956-6940
Office of International Education
Posted: Apr 20, 2004

A delegation of University of Hawaiʻi administrators are in Korea this week attending a series of events that will help build upon the university‘s relationships with universities and organizations throughout the country as well as help reconnect with UH alumni in the region. The delegation will be attending various events and visiting universities through April 23.

Those traveling representing the University of Hawaiʻi include UH Mānoa Chancellor Peter Englert, UH Hilo Chancellor Rose Tseng, UH Mānoa School of Hawaiian, Asian & Pacific Studies Interim Dean Edgar Porter, outgoing Director of the UH Mānoa Center for Korean Studies Edward Shultz, incoming Director of the UH Mānoa Center for Korean Studies Ho-Min Sohn, UH Foundation Director of Corporate Relations Caroline Ingersoll, and UH Hilo School of Business Professor Youngki Hahn.

Events that the UH delegation will be participating in include:
· Inha University 50th Anniversary Celebration where UH Mānoa Chancellor Peter Englert will give a congratulatory address on behalf of all visiting institutions
Inha University, the premier university in the Inchon area, was established in 1954 as the Institute of Technology, in part through funds from Koreans living in Hawaiʻi. In 1971, the school became known as "Inha," meaning "Inchon in Hawaiʻi." The university was conceived of on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Korean emigration to Hawaiʻi. Inha University and the University of Hawaiʻi currently have a number of international agreements involving scholar and student exchanges as well as publication and scholarly materials exchange.

· Hankuk University of Foreign Studies 50th Anniversary Celebration, which will be attended by UH Hilo Chancellor Rose Tseng and UH Hilo School of Business Professor Youngki Hahn
Established in 1954, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) is considered one of the top 10 Korean universities as well as the largest foreign language school in Asia along with Tokyo University Foreign Language School. HUFS has just entered into a partnership agreement with UH Hilo as of October 2003.

· Agreement Signing Ceremony with Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU); UH and SKKU to formalize an agreement to become partner institutions
SKKU‘s School of Medicine was established in 1997 with Samsung Corporation as its sponsor. Strong ties were established between SKKU and the UH Mānoa John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) when SKKU adopted JABSOM‘s problem-based learning method as the mode of curricular delivery. SKKU‘s president is the former dean of its medical school. This signing will broaden the relationship between UH and SKKU.

· Visit with Korea University (KU); KU and UH to renew agreement involving the College of Business at UH Mānoa
Established in 1905, Korea University is considered one of the top three universities in Korea. KU and UH are currently working jointly on a textbook on Korean language and culture. KU is a member of the Pacific Asian Consortium for International Business Education and Research for which UH Mānoa‘s College of Business Administration serves as the Secretariat.

· Visit with the Korea Foundation
The Korea Foundation is a major benefactor for the UH Mānoa Center for Korean Studies, for which it provided approximately $2 million in the mid 90s. They are also a major sponsor of Korean research programs, library materials on Korea, and student scholarships.

· Visit with Academy of Korean Studies (AKS)
AKS, which currently has an agreement with UH Mānoa‘s Center for Korean Studies, is a research institute for Korean studies established in 1978. It is considered one of the leading institutions in Korea focusing on the study of Korea. Among its significant publications are the "Encyclopedia of Korean Culture" and the English language "Encyclopedia of Korea." A relationship with AKS offers access to the resources of the Changsogak Library, which contains many important historical and contemporary materials for Korean studies scholars.

· Visit with Hanyang University
Founded in 1939, Hanyang University is considered one of the leading private universities in Korea. Hanyang University and UH Hilo currently have an agreement under which Hanyang has been actively sending non-degree seeking students to study at UH Hilo.

· Visit with Chung-Ang University
Chung-Ang University was established in 1918. The university‘s first contact with UH was in 1995 when, in seeking to internationalize and globalize itself, Chung-Ang University selected UH as an institutional model, visited the UH Mānoa campus and met with senior administrators. Since 2001, Chung-Ang University has had an agreement with UH Hilo, which includes faculty and student exchange.

· Visit with Pai Chai University
One of the oldest and largest private universities in Seoul, the history of Pai Chai started with the Reverend Henry G. Appenzeller, an American missionary. He founded Pai Chai Hak Dang, the first modern Western-style school in Korea, in 1885. Pai Chai University‘s agreement with UH Hilo dates back to 1996 and includes faculty and student exchange, intensive English training, and biennial conferences.

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