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Coolin'aire, a Culinary Jazz Odyssey

Experience the show at Palikū Theater on June 10, 2017

Kapiʻolani Community College
Louise Yamamoto, (808) 734-9513
Director, College Relations, Office for College and Community Relations
Posted: Jun 5, 2017

HONOLULU – John Richards, Dean of Culinary, Hospitality, Business, Legal and Technology Programs at Kapi`olani CC, is adventurous and forward-thinking. Prior to moving to Hawai`i two years ago, he opened and operated five restaurants. He recently helped to launch the Lē‘ahi Concept Kitchen at Waikīkī Parc, and he is about to bring a taste of Broadway to Hawai`i by fusing culinary arts with the performing arts at Windward Community College’s Palikū Theater.

“Coolin’aire, a Culinary Jazz Odyssey,” is a blend of Hell’s Kitchen, the Food Network, TV reality shows, and a dash of the theatrical “Stomp”. It is a musical performance that is a feast for the senses. “Coolin’aire” is a love story about cooking and human nature. The storyline is about an alpha male chef and a humble female pastry chef who have very different ideas about cuisine, and the ultimate taste sensation, chocolate!

The cast is comprised of musician cooks who provide the soundtrack for the student percussion chefs featured on center stage. 

            The Chef                     Albert Maligmat

            The Apprentice            Anamarie Love

            The Narrator                Charles Degala

            Drums                         Konrad Kendrick

            Guitar                          Zanuck Lindsey

            Woodwinds                 Rocky Holmes

            Keyboards                   Ethan Capone

            Keyboards                   Keith Montross

            Basses                        John Richards

            Percussion Chefs:  Gabriel Miyashiro, Katja, Sedona Richards.

            In addition, there will be six student cooks and four chef dancers.

Dean and Chef John Richards says, “Stay to the end of the performance for an extraordinary, delightful, and consummate surprise!”

Only one performance of “Coolin’aire” is scheduled:  Saturday, June 10, 2017 at 7:30pm. Proceeds to the event will support the Hi`ilaniwai Foodservice Innovations Training (HiFIT) and Kapi`olani Community College’s culinary competition team.

“Coolin’aire” is created, produced and directed by John Richards, and choreographed by Cara Horibe.

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