Hamilton Library Moves Forward in Aftermath of Manoa Floods

Access to electronic database restored; limited circulation services being discussed

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Posted: Nov 3, 2004

HONOLULU — UH Mānoa volunteer and staff at Hamilton Library continue their recovery efforts and assessments of the devastating flood damages received from heavy rains this past weekend. Areas affected by the flash flood included about 230,000 rare maps and aerial photographs, more than 100 computers, thousands of government documents and books, collection services and the Library Information Sciences (LIS) school. Due to the heavy damages, the library remains closed until further notice.

Parts of the library experienced loss of electricity and phone service since Saturday, affecting services including the Voyager Online Catalog System. The system has since been moved to a safe area where it can be remedied. Power has also been restored to Hamilton Library Phase III, which includes the Science Technology Collection. Also restored is the online electronic database system, www.sinclair.hawaii.edu, in which faculty, students and staff can access some online resources.

Efforts are currently underway to preserve the recovered materials. The library‘s preservation department is currently finishing up the first phase of its disaster recovery where materials are being held in freezers so they are kept stabilized. Contractors have also assessed the damages and have come in with dehumidifiers to control humidity and prevent mold from forming.

"Amid this disaster, I am glad to see we have such dedicated workers and volunteers from the UH community who have been very supportive in helping us recover from our losses," said Jean Ehrhorn, associate librarian at Hamilton Library. "Although we have lost many of our historical pieces, it is comforting to see there are so many who care."

Ehrhorn reports that counselors have been called in to help staff deal with the emotional trauma of working within a disaster area. Volunteers and donors have also come out to offer their assistance with generous donations such as emergency items and lunch for the hard working staff and volunteers. Marc Pollei, a conservator from Brigham Young University-Utah, will be volunteering his services until Nov. 19 to assist with the treatment phase of recovery.

Donations to go towards Hamilton Library‘s flood disaster relief are being accepted through a library enrichment fund with the University of Hawaii Foundation. In addition to monetary donations, items that are in need include: "D" batteries, battery-operated lanterns, garbage bags, and bottled water/soft drinks and lunch for staff and volunteers. More information can be obtained by calling 956-8849.

Interested individuals and organizations may also volunteer their services towards the flood cleanup by calling 956-7486.

Plans are currently being discussed to have limited circulation services available. In the meantime, the university community and the public are encouraged to visit www.hawaii.edu for continuous updates concerning Hamilton Library.ABOUT HAMILTON LIBRARY
With more than 3 million volumes, the Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa is the leading research library serving the university, the state of Hawaiʻi and the Pacific region. The library supports the teaching, research and information needs of faculty, students, staff and the community. It helps preserve the local cultural heritage as well as provides physical and intellectual access to the world of knowledge.

For more information, visit: http://www.hawaii.edu/floodinfo/index.html