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Clinton Conrad

Clinton Conrad

Assistant Professor, Geology and Geophysics, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
(808) 956-6649 |


geophysics, geodynamics, plate tectonics, mantle dynamics, earthquakes, volcanism, plate tectonics, topography, sea level change


Conrad’s research is directed toward gaining a better understanding of the Earth’s dynamic interior, with a focus on the mantle, which convects slowly over millions of years, and the lithosphere, which is broken into several tectonic plates that move in response to mantle flow. He uses constraints that stem from a variety of geoscience disciplines and include observations such as Earth’s surface topography, tectonic plate motions (both past and present), patterns of seismicity and volcanism (earthquakes and volcanoes), sea level change, and long-term climate change. The interaction of these processes with the solid earth reveal the dynamical workings of our planet’s active interior, and its influence on our surface environment.

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