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Internet Task Force Created

Posted on | November 25, 2009 | Comments Off on Internet Task Force Created

The UH System announced the creation of the Hawaiʻi Internet Protocol version 6 Task Force in partnership with the global IPv6 Forum. The Hawaiʻi IPv6 Task Force is dedicated to the local promotion and support of the next version of the rules that describe how computers and networks interconnect to provide internet services throughout the world.

The task force will serve as a venue for internet engineers in Hawaiʻi to share their challenges, solutions and successes in implementing IPv6 in Hawaiʻi. It will also support the interconnection of IPv6 internet service providers through the Hawaiʻi Internet Exchange, Hawaiʻi’s only neutral and settlement-free internet exchange.

“IPv6 needs to be embraced to sustain internet growth and drive continuing global end-to-end innovation,” says Vint Cerf, honorary chair of the global IPv6 Forum. “The University of Hawaiʻi should be applauded for its initiative in supporting the advancement of enterprises and ISPs in their community so that Hawaiʻi can participate fully in the future of the global internet.”

Today’s internet primarily runs on IPv4, most of which was developed in the 1970s. The world’s supply of IPv4 addresses for internet-connected devices is near exhaustion and the workarounds used often introduce problems in network services and connectivity. IPv6 overcomes this limitation and provides solutions to many other problems associated with the immense and largely unanticipated success of the internet, including internet security and end-to-end services.

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