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Examining Allegory in New Ways

Posted on | January 29, 2010 | Comments Off on Examining Allegory in New Ways

West Oʻahu Assistant Professor Brenda Machosky published Thinking Allegory Otherwise, a collection of essays by established and new voices on the topic of allegory, who engage the subject in new ways. The essays focus on a wide range of topics that include architecture, philosophy, theatre, science and law, and are not limited to an examination of literary texts and works of art.

The book proves the truth of the statement that all language is allegorical, and more importantly it shows its consequences. To “think allegory otherwise” is to think otherwise—to rethink not only the idea of allegory itself, but also the law and its execution, the literality of figurative abstraction, and the figurations upon which even hard science depends.

Contributors include Jody Enders, Karen Feldman, Angus Fletcher, Blair Hoxby, Brenda Machosky, Catherine Gimelli Martin, Stephen Orgel, Maureen Quilligan, James Paxson, Daniel Selcer, Gordon Teskey and Richard Wittman.

Thinking Allegory Otherwise is available from the publisher’s website.