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Walgreens Funds Diversity in Pharmacy

Posted on | March 26, 2010 | Comments Off on Walgreens Funds Diversity in Pharmacy

Hilo’s College of Pharmacy has received $10,000 from retail pharmacy Walgreens to fund a diversity initiative at the university. This gift will fund a program to heighten student understanding of Native Hawaiian culture, as well as one scholarship for a pharmacy student who has made efforts toward raising awareness or educating others regarding diversity in pharmacy practice.

“We’re very appreciative to Walgreens for its continued support and plan to put the money from the diversity initiative to good use to further foster an appreciation of our Hawaiian culture,” says Dean John M. Pezzuto. “Walgreens’ commitment helps us take our place alongside the top pharmacy colleges in the country in the critical business of educating students about the multicultural population we all serve.”

“I’m very happy to see the College of Pharmacy utilize the richness of the Hawaiian and local culture to teach the respect and wealth of ideas that is engrained in our very history,” says Gail Makuakane-Lundin, director of Kīpuka Native Hawaiian Student Center.

In 2009, Walgreens began the program to donate $1 million annually toward diversity initiatives at all of the pharmacy schools across the country. This is the second year the Hilo’s College of Pharmacy was awarded the gift from Walgreens.

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