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Landscaping with Non-Invasive Plants

Posted on | April 30, 2010 | 6 Comments


Mānoa Associate Professor Kent Kobayashi and Patti Clifford published Non-invasive Landscape Plants with Fragrant Flowers. This document gives a brief outline of the characteristics of seven plant species with fragrant flowers. Because of their low risk of invasiveness, they are suitable for planting in Hawaiʻi landscapes. Resources for in-depth information on plant care are included in the references section.

In Hawaiʻi, many of the native plants are endemic—they are not found anywhere else in the world. This rarity has made them vulnerable to impacts from non-native species. Some of the plants introduced here from other regions become weeds and displace the native plants. While invasive weeds may cause trouble in my garden, they create havoc in Hawaiʻi’s delicate native ecosystems. natural and agricultural ecosystems.

The plants included in Non-invasive Landscape Plants with Fragrant Flowers are, Champaca (miulana melemele), Chinese confederate-jasmine (maile haole), Gardenia jasminoides (kiele) , Plumeria (melia, pua melia), Southern magnolia (mikinolia), Tahitian gardenia (kiele) and Ylang-ylang (lanalana).

Download Non-invasive Landscape Plants with Fragrant Flowers from the College of Agriculture and Human Resources website.