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Plant Disease Diagnosis iPhone App Released

Posted on | April 30, 2010 | Comments Off on Plant Disease Diagnosis iPhone App Released

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Mānoa Associate Specialist Scot Nelson, from the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Nutrition, developed a free plant disease diagnosis app for iPhones. The Plant Doctor 1.0 provides interactive diagnosis and cost-effective management recommendations for plant diseases in gardens, landscapes, nurseries and farms. The app collects user-supplied information about the problem and sends it to a professional plant pathologist with a PhD and more than 20 years experience in the science.

The user promptly receives live communications from the pathologist, including the probable name of the plant disease and causal pathogen, tactics for managing the disease and contact information for local university experts who may be able to provide more information or examine samples in person.

Every year, plant diseases cause tremendous losses to plants and untold human suffering worldwide. One must accurately and quickly identify the causes of disease in order to manage or control it properly. Given the similarity of symptoms among diseases and the thousands of plant pathogens that can cause disease, expert diagnosis is needed in most cases to unravel the confusion and to provide clear direction. Whether the app user is a home gardener or professional farmer, The Plant Doctor could save a lot of time and money invested in plants.

The Plant Doctor 1.0 is free and available through the App Store in iTunes in the lifestyle category.