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Mānoa Honors Graduate Mentoring

Posted on | July 16, 2010 | Comments Off on Mānoa Honors Graduate Mentoring

Richard Chadwick headshot

Richard Chadwick

Richard Chadwick, a professor of political science, was honored with the UH Mānoa Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award. He began his long and illustrious career at UH Mānoa after receiving his PhD in political science from Northwestern University in 1968. His focus is on international relations with interests in modeling international systems and the dimensionality of nations.

Since 1990, Chadwick has supervised 15 doctoral students and has been a member on an additional 11 doctoral student committees. He has been an instrumental mentor for many graduate students since beginning his career at Mānoa.

His flexibility and ability to work with a student’s interest and not attempt to shape the student are hallmarks of his mentoring. At the same time, Chadwick challenges, argues and provokes to get his students to do their best work. It is this quality of his work with students that earned him the award.

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