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Community Colleges Sustainability Programs Gifted $1.6 Million

Posted on | October 29, 2010 | Comments Off on Community Colleges Sustainability Programs Gifted $1.6 Million

The University of Hawaiʻi Foundation received a $1,634,025 bequest from the estate of the late Isamu Shinshiro to create an endowment establishing the Isamu Shinshiro Scholarship for Sustainable Technology Education and Training Fund. Income from the endowment will provide UH community college students financial assistance to complete two-year degrees or certificates in a broad range of sustainable technology programs throughout the community college campuses.

“Student interest is very high in wanting to be a part of the solution to Hawaiʻi’s sustainable future,” says John Morton, vice president for community colleges. “These students will now benefit from Mr. Shinshiro’s foresight and generosity and we will all benefit from having a skilled workforce focused on sustainability.”

Shinshiro died last October at 96 years old. He was a retired sewage treatment plant operator who lived a quiet life and rarely drew attention to himself. In his later years, he decided to leave a legacy for the future generations of Hawaiʻi, and enlisted the help of a close friend in making a bequest. His desire was to help lower or eliminate financial barriers that prevent students from accessing a good education and training in industries that sustain Hawaiʻi’s natural environment, ecosystems and resources.

“Mr. Shinshiro cried when he heard what his estate would do. Although he knew he would not be alive to see this happen, he was happy to know he was going to be able to help the youth of Hawaiʻi,” says his close friend. “He knew that community colleges help a great number of students and that they even nurture those who need that extra boost. The action of this quiet and unassuming gentleman will touch the lives of so many and will definitely make Hawai’i a better place.”

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