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Psychology Agreement Signed with New Zealand University

Posted on | November 19, 2010 | Comments Off on Psychology Agreement Signed with New Zealand University

The Community and Cultural Psychology graduate program has entered into a Cooperative Agreement with the University of Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand. The agreement was developed by Professors Clifford O’Donnell of Mānoa’s Department of Psychology and Colleen Ward of Victoria University’s School of Psychology and signed by officials at both universities.

This agreement will facilitate student exchanges, through the Mānoa International Exchange office, with opportunities for courses, research, and practica. A Joint Board of Studies, composed of a dean and faculty member from each institution, will oversee the program. Students who complete graduate work at the exchange university will receive a certificate recognizing their work at graduation.

The graduate programs represented in this agreement focus on cultural research and applications in psychology. The Community and Cultural Psychology program was one of three graduate programs in North America to receive an Award for Innovation in Graduate Education in Psychology from the American Psychological Association in 2004 for its systematic integration of community and cultural psychology. The School of Psychology at Victoria University has a Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research that includes a network of more than 50 researchers across many disciplines.

The first graduate student from UVW since the agreement is now spending an exchange semester at Mānoa. She is also a student affiliate at the East-West Center. Several Mānoa psychology graduate students are now considering participating in the excellent graduate program in cross-cultural psychology at UVW as the next exchange students.