University of Hawaii System newsletter

Mānoa Staff Recognized for Service

Susan Carlson, Hatsuko Kaulukou and Morris Lai were awarded the Mānoa 2011 Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Service

Pan-STARRS Telescope Spots New Distant Comet

Astronomers at Mānoa have discovered a new comet that they expect will be visible to the naked eye in early 2013.

Partnership Formed to Treat Waste-Trap Grease

Mānoa and Pacific Biodiesel Inc. have signed an agreement to collaborate in finding pathways for treatment of waste-trap grease from restaurants.

Andrea Fleig Honored with Weinman Award

Andrea Fleig, a Mānoa adjunct professor, was honored with the University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center’s Weinman Innovator Award.

Pharmacy Faculty Gets Grant to Study Breast Cancer

Linda Connelly, a Hilo assistant professor in pharmaceutical sciences was awarded a grant from the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation for breast cancer research.

West Oʻahu Gets Donation for Insurance Program

The Hawaiʻi Independent Insurance Agents Association made a $2,500 gift to West Oʻahu to fund student scholarships in their Certificate in Risk Management and Insurance program.

University Health Services Accreditation at Highest Level

University Health Services Mānoa, the campus health facility, has been granted renewal of its accreditation at the highest level for a three-year term by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.

UH Happenings This Week

Mānoa’s Niall de Burca and Jerusalem: The East Side Story film screening and more.

Niklaus Schweizer Recognized for Service

Niklaus Schweizer, a professor in Mānoa’s College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature, has been honored with the 2011 Robert W. Clopton Award for Distinguished Community Service.

New Voracious Black Holes Discovered

Mānoa astronomer Ezequiel Treister and colleagues have found the first direct evidence that black holes existed when the universe was less than a tenth of its present age.

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