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Seven Honored for Undergraduate Teaching

Posted on | August 26, 2011 | Comments Off on Seven Honored for Undergraduate Teaching

Top row, from left, Leticia Colmenares, Erin Cozens, Hiroko DeLeon, Linda Furuto and bottom row, from right, Tomoko Iwai, Susan Jaworowski, Sarah Marusek

Seven faculty members were honored with the Frances Davis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching–Windward’s Leticia Colmenares, Mānoa’s Erin Cozens, Maui’s Hiroko DeLeon, West Oʻahu’s Linda Furuto, Mānoa’s Tomoko Iwai, Kapiʻolani’s Susan Jaworowski and Hilo’s Sarah Marusek.

Leticia Colmenares is an associate professor of chemistry at Windward Community College. She coordinated the Community Forum in Chemistry to enhance learning in chemistry for both students and the community, and to serve as a bridge between the classroom and the real world. She is a master teacher who is extraordinarily committed to helping students learn chemistry. Read more about her.

Erin Cozens is a doctoral candidate in the Department of History at Mānoa. Cozens works diligently at being a good teacher and shows that she values each and every student in her classes. Students describe her as humble, approachable, knowledgeable, detailed and passionate. Read more about her.

Hiroko DeLeon is an assistant professor of East Asian languages at Maui College. She implemented a language exchange program between Maui and Toyama University and Kure National College of Technology using Skype. For the past 32 years, she has accomplished unparalleled outcomes for language instruction and exposure for Maui College. Read more about her.

Linda Furuto is an assistant professor of mathematics at West Oʻahu. A dedicated and enthusiastic teacher, she believes that mathematics applications can be found everywhere in our world. She has spent her entire career placing the needs of students first and sharing a true love of the study of mathematics. Read more about her.

Tomoko Iwai is an instructor in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at Mānoa. The successes of her students in language skills are credited to her exceptional rapport with them. She is a natural, truly gifted teacher with the ability to instruct, engage and motivate students to high levels of achievement. Read more about her.

Susan Jaworowski is the program director and assistant professor in the Business, Legal and Technology Education Department at Kapiʻolani Community College. She creatively uses a full range of resources to get students inspired. Jaworowski has a genuine concern for her student’s academic success and generously shares her expertise in the legal field. Read more about her.

Sarah Marusek is the program chair for the Administration of Justice program and an assistant professor of political science at Hilo. Her ability to explore and discuss “hot” legal topics are very popular. Marusek sets high standards for her students and herself, and she possesses an outstanding ability to challenge students to grow intellectually. Read more about her.

These honorees will be recognized along with other UH award recipients at the annual Convocation ceremony to be held Tues., Sept. 27, 10 a.m. at Mānoa’s Kennedy Theatre. The ceremony is open to the public at no charge, and no reservations are needed. For more information to to the awards ceremony website.