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Study Finds Cancer Causing Mineral in U.S. Road Gravel

New research by University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center Director Michele Carbone and colleagues shows that erionite minerals in US road gravel increased mesothelioma risk.

Researcher Discovers Mitochondria Share an Ancestor with SAR11

A recent study by researchers at UH Mānoa and Oregon State University provides strong evidence that mitochondria, an organelle found in all eukaryotic cells, share a common evolutionary ancestor with a lineage of marine bacteria known as SAR11

Researchers Get Grant to Study Hawaiian Land Snails

The National Science Foundation awarded a $650,000 grant to Mānoa’s Center for Conservation Research and Training to to examine native land snails in Hawaiʻi.

Scientist Discover Hawaiʻi Not Evolutionary Dead End

Mānoa Postdoctoral Fellow Chris Bird and researchers at the Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology have shown that Hawaiʻi hosts three limpets that defy classification as dead-enders.

Hawaiian Hotspot Discovery Published

Small-scale convection at the base of the Pacific plate has been simulated in a model of mantle plume dynamics, enabling researchers to explain the complex set of observations at the Hawaiian hotspot, according to a new study posted online in the June 26 edition of Nature Geoscience.

Controversial Book on Easter Island Discoveries Published

Generating controversy weeks ahead of its release, Mānoa Professor of Anthropology Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo’s story of scientific discovery—The Statues That Walked—presents revisionist theories about Easter Island.

Pan-STARRS Telescope Spots New Distant Comet

Astronomers at Mānoa have discovered a new comet that they expect will be visible to the naked eye in early 2013.

Partnership Formed to Treat Waste-Trap Grease

Mānoa and Pacific Biodiesel Inc. have signed an agreement to collaborate in finding pathways for treatment of waste-trap grease from restaurants.

New Voracious Black Holes Discovered

Mānoa astronomer Ezequiel Treister and colleagues have found the first direct evidence that black holes existed when the universe was less than a tenth of its present age.

New Tiger Shark Hunting Technique Discovered

In a joint research effort between Mānoa’s Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology, University of Tokyo, the Japanese National Institute of Polar Research and the University of Florida, scientists have shed new light on the hunting behavior of tiger sharks

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