University of Hawaii System newsletter

Astrophysics Team Wins $1 Million NASA Grant

Mānoa’s Peter Gorham and Gary Varner was awarded a $1 million NASA grant to begin development of a radical new design of a stratospheric balloon-based astrophysics observatory.

New Class of Rare Quark Observed

Mānoa graduate student Kurtis Nishimura, working with other UH colleagues on the Belle experiment, reported the first observation of a new class of rare “penguin decays” of the beauty quark in the Nov. 5 issue of Physical Review Letters.

ANITA Research Wins Major NASA Grant

NASA has awarded Mānoa and five U.S. institutions a $4.6 million grant for the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna experiment. Mānoa, the lead institution, will receive $1.4 million.

Star Dating Discovery Marks New Era for Hilo

Hilo Assistant Professor David James and sophomore Briana Hurley’s paper on star dating was accepted by the Astronomy and Astrophysics Journal.

Hilo Physics and Astronomy Scholarship Funded

Subaru Telescope presented Hilo with a gift of $8,600 on behalf of the Japan Foundation for the Promotion of Astronomy, which will support a Hilo student pursuing a degree in physics or astronomy over four consecutive years of study.