University of Hawaii System newsletter

Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Research Awarded

Mānoa’s J. Patrick Henry and Lisa Kewley were awarded the Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Research.

Pan-STARRS Telescope Spots New Distant Comet

Astronomers at Mānoa have discovered a new comet that they expect will be visible to the naked eye in early 2013.

New Voracious Black Holes Discovered

Mānoa astronomer Ezequiel Treister and colleagues have found the first direct evidence that black holes existed when the universe was less than a tenth of its present age.

Telescope Establishes Near-Earth Asteroid Discovery Record

The Pan-STARRS PS1 telescope on Haleakalā discovered 19 near-Earth asteroids, the most asteroids discovered by one telescope on a single night.

Land Board approves Haleakalā Management Plan and ATST

On Dec. 1, the state Board of Land and Natural Resources approved the Management Plan for the university’s Haleakalā High Altitude Observatory Site and a Conservation District Use Permit for the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope.

New Institute for Astronomy Director Selected

Günther Hasinger, an expert in astrophysical studies, has been appointed director of Mānoa’s Institute for Astronomy

Astronomer Wins Planetary Sciences Award

Astronomer Alan Tokunaga was honored with 2010 Harold Masursky Award from The Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society

Newly Discovered Planet May Have Water

A team of astronomers that includes Mānoa Associate Astronomer Nader Haghighipour announced the discovery of a planet that could have liquid water on its surface.

Pan-STARRS Discovers First Potentially Hazardous Asteroid

Mānoa’Pan-STARRS PS1 telescope on Haleakalā has discovered an asteroid that will come within 4 million miles of Earth in mid-October.

Institute for Astronomy Director Candidates Visit

The candidates for director of Mānoa’s Institute for Astronomy will participate in a four-day visit.

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