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Russian Tall Ship Searching for Tsunami Debris

Mānoa’s International Pacific Research Center searching for tsunami debris.

East Africa’s Climate Under El Niño Examined

UH Mānoa’s Axel Timmermann co-authors a study on East Africa’s climate under El Nino in the Aug. 5 issue of Science.

Tree Rings Tell a 1,100-Year History of El Niño

A team of climate scientists from Mānoa discovered that annually resolved tree-ring records from North America give a continuous representation of the intensity of El Niño events over the past 1,100 years and can be used to improve El Niño predictions.

Researchers Predict Japan Tsunami Debris To Hit Hawaiʻi Shores Twice

The huge tsunami triggered by the 9.0 Tohoku Earthquake destroyed coastal towns near Sendai in Japan, washing such things as houses and cars into the ocean and Mānoa’s Nikolai Maximenko and Science Computer Programmer Jan Hafner have make projections of where this debris might head.

Researchers Find Tropical Atlantic Sees Weaker Trade Winds

Mānoa’s International Pacific Research Center Visiting Assistant Researcher Hiroki Tokinaga and Professor Shang-Ping Xie find that tropical Atlantic sees weaker trade winds.

Cloud Feedbacks Amplify Global Warming

In a paper published in the Journal of Climate, Mānoa researchers Axel Lauer, Kevin Hamilton, Yuqing Wang and Vaughan T.J. Phillips assessed the performance of current global models in simulating clouds and have presented a new approach to determining the expected cloud feedbacks in a warmer climate.

Ocean Temperature Threshold for Hurricanes Rising

A new study by Mānoa Postdoctoral Fellow Nat Johnson and Professor Shang-Ping Xie shows the threshold sea surface temperature for convection is rising under global warming at the same rate as that of the tropical oceans.

Scientist Predicts Plastic Garbage Patch in Atlantic

UH Mānoa Senior Researcher Nikolai Maximenko, a co-author on the paper, developed a computer model that describes how converging surface currents cause the plastic to accumulate in such garbage patches.

North Pacific is a Global Backup Generator

A study on the current system of the North Pacific was conducted by an international team, which includes International Pacific Research Center Professor Axel Timmermann and Postdoctoral Fellow Laurie Menviel.

Long-term Fate of Oil Spill in the Atlantic Examined

The possible spread of the oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon rig over the course of one year was studied in a series of computer simulations by International Pacific Research Center Professor Axel Timmermann and Assistant Researcher Oliver Elison Timm and oceanography PhD student Fabian Schloesser.

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