University of Hawaii System newsletter

King Crabs Threatening Antarctica Seafloor

A recent study by Mānoa’s Craig Smith indicates that one species of king crab has established a large, reproductive population in the Palmer Deep along the west Antarctic Peninsula.

Oceanographer Looks at Human Impact on the Deep Sea

Human activities are increasingly affecting deep-sea habitats, resulting in the potential for biodiversity loss.

Long-term Fate of Oil Spill in the Atlantic Examined

The possible spread of the oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon rig over the course of one year was studied in a series of computer simulations by International Pacific Research Center Professor Axel Timmermann and Assistant Researcher Oliver Elison Timm and oceanography PhD student Fabian Schloesser.

Researchers Find Biodiversity Hotspot in Undersea Canyons

Mānoa researchers Craig Smith and Fabio De Leo conducted the first extensive study of canyons in the oceanic Hawaiian Archipelago and found that these submarine canyons support especially abundant and unique communities of megafauna, including 41 species not observed in other habitats in the Hawaiian Islands.

Man-Made Carbon Dioxide Affects Ocean Acoustics

Research by Mānoa Assistant Researcher Tatiana Ilyina and Associate Professor Richard Zeebe and their colleagues shows that seawater sound absorption will drop by up to 70 percent already during this century.

Ocean Observing System Receives $2.1 Million

Manoa’s Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System, which measures and predicts ocean and coastal conditions, was awarded $2.1 million from NOAA.