Past Fellow Bios

Malia Lee, MD

Adolescent Mental Health Screening in Primary Care Clinics in Rural Hawaiʻi Health Centers
Currently assessing the efficiency of adolescent mental health screening in primary care setting.  Working with the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center to develop a program to assess depression in adolescents. Long-term focus is to be able to refer positively screened individuals with a mental health care provider to develop an effective strategy for treatment and early intervention.



Kawika Liu, MD, PhD, JD

Epigenetics of Cardiovascular Disease in Native Hawaiians
Epigenetics involves the study of how environmental surroundings affect genes and genetic expression. Native Hawaiian populations have a much greater risk when it comes to cardiovascular disease and this may be related to the challenges Native populations have faced in the last 200 years. Markers along the genome may be turned on or off, which affects what is expressed, but not change the actual ATGC coding. Surveying epigenetic markers and genetic expression profiles in Native Hawaiians may help determine why Native Hawaiians are at such a high risk from CVD. Long-term goal is to design appropriate interventions to reduce this risk.



Carol Titcomb, MD

Child-Rearing Goals and Traditions of Native Hawaiian Elders Pathway out of Poverty
This is a descriptive study of culturally based child rearing practices among Native Hawaiian elders.  The findings from this study will inform the development of a curriculum in anticipatory guidance for medical providers which seeks to promote health and prevent adverse health outcomes for Native Hawaiian children. By bridging the gap between Native Hawaiian families and primary care medical providers, culturally-based health services have been shown to be more effective in improving health outcomes for indigenous families.



Jamie Boyd, RN, MSN, FNP, PhD

Pathway out of Poverty/ Food as Medicine, Eliminating Childhood Obesity
Dr. Jamie Boyd joined the training program in July 2010 as well as partnered with senior researchers at UH Mānoa to design a 25 million dollar grant to study obesity among 2-8 year old Pacific Rim children. She is redesigning a Food Science and Human Nutrition course at Windward Community College to combine nutritional science with 6 Native Hawaiian cultural and gardening traditions. She will determine whether there is a difference in selected dietary and physical activity patterns as well as sense of well-being.