Monday October 29, 2012 -- UH ATHLETICS!!!

So now that midterms are coming to a close, my next question to you is... have you checked out any of the UH sports events?? If you all aren't aware yet, with a valid UH ID you have access to any and every UH game for FREE :) yup it's totally FREE 99!

Even if you aren't a big sports fan, I would still highly encourage you to use that free student pass into these events! I'd say to gather a bunch of your friends together and turn a boring Friday or Saturday night into an awesome night full of cheering, good food, and hanging out with fun college students. If you live at the dorms, don't have a car, and are worried about transportation to the games, rest assured that you are physically in walking distance from the dorms to the Les Murakami Stadium and Stan Sheriff Center. These two locations are located at lower campus and is where your UH baseball, basketball, and volleyball teams play. If you didn't already know, our Wahine volleyball team is currently ranked #9 in the Division I Women's Volleyball. So, you will see how crazy the Hawaii crowd gets at these games in support of our awesome team. For those who love football, our UH Warrior football team does play at the Aloha Stadium located towards the west side of Oahu. Again, for those living at the dorm with no car, you are already taken care of transportation wise, because there are busses that will take UH students from the dorm straight to the stadium and back. ALL FOR FREE :)

Personally I have tailgated several times at the Aloha Stadium for the UH football games, and I must admit it really is a blast! If you are able to drive down with your friends and tailgate early before the game, it really is a great time to socialize with fellow peers and BBQ ono grinds (tasty food) in the parking lot. Getting pumped with excitement before the game with the big crowds of UH students that come out is definitely a fun experience! The fun doesn't stop there, because after you get seated in the student section of the stadium you get to sit next to the UH marching band that keeps the crowd pumped with its drum line and pep music all night long. Within the student section you see green and white pom-poms shaking ferociously as students shout their CHEEEHOOOO chants to encourage the football boys. No matter what the score ends up to be, you will leave the stadium with a raspy voice and smiles from the great time you get to share with everyone!

So, if you have yet to check out a sporting event this Fall semester, please look forward to attending the Spring sports games :) which I'll reiterate once more that... IT'S FREE WITH A VALID UH ID!! Trust me even if you don't like watching sports, if you attempt to go out to at least one of our UH games, you will have yet another fun, memorable college experience to laugh and reminisce about semesters later.

Friday October 12, 2012 -- Life After NSO

Joining NSO as a summer leader has really opened up new opportunities for me at UH, not just by gaining leadership skills but also being able to gain networks with the different departments and services on campus. I had no clue that I would meet other leaders within NSO that were highly involved with many departments and RIOs on campus that were in line with my career and volunteer interests. For me, I had become very good friends with the President of the Associated Students of University of Hawaii (ASUH). Thru out our friendship during NSO leadership trainings and one day orientations, we had developed such great rapport that I realized just how similar we felt about advocating for issues for the students. By brining my best skills to the NSO team and to the freshman as a NSO summer leader, even my NSO advisor saw potential in me to serve in another leadership position after the summer. Overall, after NSO ended I was offered brand new positions of leadership within ASUH and Student Life and Development. I know for sure that I had not participated in this summer program; I would not have been exposed to the mix of co-leaders who are heavily involved in various ways on campus. I also know that having this experience to work with new college and transfer students gave me the chance to realize my strengths and weaknesses as a leader. The culmination of getting to work with students from different disciplines and organizations broadened my awareness of others who shared the same interests as me to advocate for a more diverse college community. Also, by having the chance to make presentations in front of large freshman crowds allowed me to build up my confidence as a public speaker, and I gained a lot of new knowledge about UH Manoa departments, services, and regulations that I would not have been able to teach to other students before. Because I had grown so much from the NSO program, I even took the chance at running for President for my Bachelors of Social Work Organization; where as and I had never been so confident in trying for a new office position. So, for those of you who may be thinking about becoming a summer leaders, I say to totally go for it! You will honestly not a lose out on having a summer if you do commit to this program. The NSO program is filled with fun with your co-leaders and students, building the roots of community at the college level, and really getting an amazing opportunity to share significant knowledge with incoming UH Warriors to help them successfully transition into college life. Plus, after all the hard work, friendships made, and networking you've done, you never know what AWESOME doors may open for you after NSO has finished :)

Monday October 1, 2012 -- MIDTERMS!

Its that time of the semester already... MIDTERMS!!! AHHHHH!!! Well, do not fret new students, because I will share with you some of my personal tips on how I cope with the stress of back-to-back exams :)

First of all I hope you all have been keeping up with your readings and assignments since the start of the semester. There have been instances for me where I have wasn't dedicating the appropriate amount of hours in the day for each class, and I thought I could push work aside because I felt like there was a lot of time to do things later. Especially for midterms you want to be on track with the professor, and not come a week before your test trying to learn Ch.1 on your own. Though dedicating a good amount of time in the library alone or in a study group is viable to your success, make sure that you are cutting yourself off from any form of distracting technology. You don't want your 5 hours at Sinclair or Hamilton to be wasted studying Facebook instead of your Chemistry 151 exam. Another awesome way to study material for an exam, is to teach it to your friends who aren't in that class. When you are able to thoroughly and correctly teach new material to someone else who has no clue about that subject, you will really see how much you know and what you need to brush up on. Plus, why would you waste time on studying material you already feel comfortable with? CHALLENGE yourself as you study!!

Now that I got all the serious business out of the way... another SUPER important tip during this time of midterms is to GET SLEEP!! It is hard to escape pulling all nighters because you are stressed out about knowing all the class material, so to avoid those long night prioritize your time in the day. During the week utilize those long breaks in between classes, and know when to say no to those weekend parties during this examination period. Don't worry, your social life will not go down the drain... you got to remember you must do well on your exams, and then celebrate when you score that A :) So, whether you get your small break and recuperation from studying, by getting a good nights rest or doing some yoga... just remember to have a nice balance of studying and giving your body and mind the rest it deserves.

We are halfway thru your first semester in college!! DON'T GIVE UP!!! Keep striving to do your BEST and GOOD LUCK on your tests!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday August 29, 2012 -- My First Day of School

My first day consisted of excitement and nervousness, just like the first day of 1st grade. It sounds dramatic, but there is a deeper reason to that. It's because I had so much adrenaline running in me because it was the beginning of a new chapter of my educational career. Not only was I ready to dive into the School of Social Work but I knew for a fact that this would be the start of a brand new journey of my life, with the coming knowledge over the next two years that will guide me into the communities I was made to serve. Though it is my senior year, I am coming into this new school year with the mind set of a new college student, I am coming in with an attitude that I don't know everything and I have to keep my mind open. Especially being a social work major, I have to learn how to embrace all cultures, beliefs, etc. in order to serve my client to the best of my ability. I am so happy that I am entering a field of study that teaches me exactly that, to find my self and what I stand for, but at the same time put aside any biases and embrace my client's world. I must admit that my coursework is SUPER dense and overwhelming, but when I start my practicums and actually get to practice the techniques that the textbooks are teaching me, I feel only then will I completely understand how everything intertwines. Bouncing off the fact that there's a lot of text to indulge, there is also A LOT of emotion in this field. On the first day I did shed some tears in one of my social work classes when we had to share why we choose social work, I feel definitely blessed to be surrounded by an AMAZING cohort because they all had a beautiful story to tell as to what is driving them to pursue this career. Over the course of this BSW program I hope to learn how to balance my emotions with the knowledge, again I have to remember that I am here to help others help themselves.

Overall, I am so stoked for whats to come and where this fresh journey will take my life :)