Frequently Asked Questions - Freshmen Sessions

Am I required to attend an orientation session?

UHM's orientation program is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. The orientation staff understands the needs of incoming students and has designed a program that offers essential information in a high energy, interactive format. At orientation, participants will be engaged in learning and be provided with tools that will enable them to be proactive and involved throughout their time at UHM. Equally important, our orientation offers incoming students the chance to learn how to navigate the campus and to also meet other incoming students and current students as well as staff and faculty. NSO is the opportunity to learn about UHM life before the first day of classes.

What will orientation for freshmen be like?

Before coming to their session, participants are assigned to a small group of peers led by an NSO Leader for the day (if attending the one-day program). Participants will also be able to use the NSO website's online tutorial prior to attending their orientation session should they choose. In this online tutorial, students will find basic information that will be helpful for them before arriving for the one-day program. If attending Extended Orientation (EO), the online tutorial is extremely helpful.

NSO provides a vast variety of learning experiences all geared toward helping participants be successful students at UHM. The format includes large lecture and small group discussions facilitated by staff and peers. Throughout the day, participants have many opportunities and are encouraged to ask questions. Additionally, because attendees are assigned to a group of approximately 9 of their peers (if attending the one-day program), they'll have multiple opportunities throughout the day to get to know other students.

Those attending EO have the flexibility and opportunity to choose from a variety of workshops designed to meet the needs of incoming students. These workshops mirror the 1-day curriculum with additional offerings that might be especially pertinent to those incoming students and their parents who are from the Continental U.S. or abroad.

Can I arrive late or leave early?

It is not recommended to do this as the program has been designed to cover a lot of essential information in a concise way so that each aspect of the day builds upon the other. As such, all participants should plan on being present and accountable throughout the day.

I am flying in for the day from a neighbor island to attend an NSO 1-day session. How much time might I need to leave campus to make it to the airport and not miss anything important?

Particiapnts should expect to stay on campus at least until 5:30pm. Additionally, the traffic at the time NSO ends is typically during O'ahu's rush hour.

Does financial aid cover NSO?

No, financial aid will not cover NSO registration fees.