Registering for Classes

My appointment time for registration is BEFORE my orientation session, what should I do?

Review the online tutorial that can be accessed here. The tutorial was designed by UHM students specifically for NSO participants. The purpose of the tutorial is to provide NSO students with a very basic overview of the general education requirements that most UHM students have to take in order to graduate. In addition, the tutorial includes information on how to register online. Students will also find links to different colleges/schools and major departments.

After reviewing the online tutorial, students can register at their appointment time if they haven't already done so through STAR pre-registration or ACE clusters. During Week of Welcome, advisors will be available to meet with WoW participants (a schedule will be posted later in the summer). WoW attendees will also have the time and opportunity to their schedule if needed. Please see the academic advising page for more information on academic advising during Week of Welcome.

Students who register for the Week of Welcome will also be given an earlier registration appointment time.* The NSO staff will provide more details about the date and time via email to the student's account. The NSO staff encourage students to at least begin registering at the earlier time assigned via the student's participation in WoW. When students meet with an advisor during WoW, the advisor can look over their schedule and make suggestions.

*Participant must be registered at a specific date/time in order to receive the early registration.