Selecting an Orientation Session

Why should I attend NSO?

At orientation you'll receive the essential information needed for a successful transition to college:

  • Academic information to help you prepare for the first time you register for your classes independently.
  • An introduction to the physical and social environment that is the UHM campus
  • The opportunity to meet other members of the incoming first year class, current UHM students, and faculty and staff
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks

Which of the several freshmen sessions should I choose?

This year, we will offer four 1-day sessions for incoming freshman. During these sessions, freshman will have time to consider their academic goals and review & reflect upon the information received at orientation before their peers.

If you choose to attend EO, you will be able to attend a variety of workshops that will assist in your transition to college and to Hawai'i. Sessions cover essential academic information, introduce you to the UHM campus and help prepare you for life on O'ahu, especially if you are new to the island.

What if I'm not sure now whether I (as well as other members of my family) can attend an orientation session? Can I just be a walk in on the day of orientation?

No. We do not accept walk-ins for any of the one-day sessions. However, we will accept walk-ins for EO.

I am transferring from another college, but I will still be a freshman (24 or fewer credits), should I go to a freshman orientation?

You are more than welcome to attend either freshman or transfer orientation. Please visit the pages for both the Transfer and Freshman sessions and decide which is a better fit for you. If you would like to talk to a staff member about selecting a program, please call us at 808-956-3667 or email us at nso@hawaii.edu.