Meet your Senior Leaders!

Jannah Dela Cruz

Hometown: Ewa Beach, HI
Major: Architecture (BEnvD)
Where is your favorite place to eat on campus and why?
My favorite food place on campus is Stir Fresh because they got me some poke bowls <3 and for their $1 drink special!
Do you have any words of wisdom or things you wish you'd known as an incoming UHM student?
Find ALL the free opportunities, food, and items you can get on campus. And take advantage of all the times you can win something at an event, contest, or survey because you may most likely win it!
What do you think is the greatest invention ever invented?
The rubber band. It does wonders. It can tie my hair, my architecture supplies, hold up my zipper on my pants. It's an office weapon in disguise.

Hometown: Wahiawa, HI
Major: Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology (BS)
Where's your favorite place to study on campus and why?
Study room in my dorm or Sinclair library, because they are both quiet.
Favorite college moment (so far):
My first day of school living on campus because I felt the real college experience.
Do you have any words of wisdom you'd like to share with the parents and family members of incoming UHM students?
Every first year student will get caught up with how busy the college lifestyle will get. The more involved they become, the less time they will have to relax and have a fun nights out. Don't feel bad if they don't skype or call you as much. Their first year of college is the most exciting!

Lance Nunes

Jennifer Pascual

Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Major: Elementary Education (BEd)
What do you like most about the University of Hawaii at Manoa?
I like that there are a variety of clubs and organizations that are available on campus. There are so many opportunities to get involved! Take advantage of them!
Where's your favorite place to eat on campus and why?
My favorite place to eat on campus is at Bale because it's open late and I tend to stay late on campus.
Favorite college moment (so far):
My favorite college moment was studying abroad in London during the Fall 2014 semester! I love the city and I've met so many amazing people there!