Summer 2016 Leader Recruitment

The Student Involvement and Leadership Development program, a part of the Student Life and Development (SLD) Office, is dedicated to engaging all students in leadership opportunities that encourage personal empowerment and growth. As such, a select group of current students are hired on an annual basis to serve as New Student Orientation (NSO) Summer Leaders for incoming first year and transfer students matriculating in to the University of Hawai?i at Manoa (UHM). The SLD office is currently seeking applications from those who are interested in serving as leaders during the summer of 2016.

As part of their duties, all NSO Summer Leaders will...

  • Participate in summer training by enrolling in and successfully completing EDEA 370 (OC and WI focus) during Summer Session II online (beginning June 20, 2016 and in-person from July 5, 2016 until August 21, 2016
  • Develop and be able to convey a working knowledge of academic programs, campus services, and co-curricular involvement opportunities through training sessions conducted by University staff, faculty and partners
  • Acquire enhanced listening, speaking and interpersonal relation skills and be able to apply them in real-life situations
  • Act as ambassadors for the UHM campus, representing the SLD Office at formal and informal gatherings of incoming and admitted students that may also include members of their families

NSO 2016 Summer Leader Position Description

NSO 2016 Summer Leader Application

The application including detailed information on time commitment and position responsibilities, can be found by clicking the position above.

Interested applicants are encouraged to attend one of our information sessions on:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016, 2:30 - 3:30 PM
in Campus Center 308

Thursday, February 4, 2016, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
in Campus Center 308

Monday, February 8, 2016, 12:00 - 1:00 PM
in Campus Center Dining Room 203E

Tuesday, February 9, 2016, 12:00 - 1:00 PM
in Campus Center Dining Room 203E

If you cannot attend one of the information sessions above, please contact the NSO office located in Campus Center between 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Call us by phone at 808-956-3667; Or email us at

Interested in becoming an NSO leader?

Meet the Summer 2015 Senior
and Summer Leaders

Senior Leaders

Roanne Deabler
Hometown Honolulu, HI
Undergraduate Degrees English (Pathway: Pre-Pharmacy)
Certificate Spanish
Favorite college moment so far: When the audience at Manoa's Got Talent, a crowd of about 300 people, sang happy birthday to me. It was totally unexpected and it was all thanks to the sneaky planning of some very special people on my Activities Council 'ohana. It was the greatest present and one of the best nights of my life :)
Favorite place to go have fun: Kamakana Playground, Higashihara Park. There's stone carvings of Hawaiian art and figures scattered around the park, and also a place to skateboard or play baseball, volleyball, basketball and tennis. My favorite aspect of the park, however, is the huge castle about three stories high that you can get lost and play in. It's definitely a park for big kids aka children at heart!
Words of wisdom for incoming students Never give in, never give out, never give up. Work hard in school, but don't forget to have some fun -- sleep, eat, relax, go beach! Wake up feeling energized because today is an awesome day and you are very awesome! :)

Kristine Jan Espinoza
Hometown Carson, CA
Graduate Degree M.Ed. Educational Administration (Higher Education)
Undergraduate Degrees B.A. Biology and B.A. Anthropology
Favorite college moment so far: Looking out at a sea of green (gowns and caps) and relishing every moment at the UHM Spring 2013 Commencement while sitting next to my closest friends.
Favorite place to go have fun: I'm far from being a softball player but hitting at the Batters Box Hawai'i batting cages in Kapolei is a fun and relatively inexpensive activity! In general, I enjoy activities that get me out of 'town' and explore other niches of the island of O'ahu.
Words of wisdom for the parents of incoming students: Higher education is a space not only for your student's academic/career exploration but soul searching. Don't be surprised if they come out a lot different than you remember - that just means they started to author their own life path.

Lavender Oyadomari
Hometown Mililani, HI
Major Dietetics (Nutrition)
What is the best class you have ever taken at UHM and why? The best class would definitely be my Honors Communicology 151 class. I've realized that public speaking is something that I enjoy, so the class gave me a chance to practice that. It's also extremely interesting learning about everything going on within my daily conversations that I never noticed or understood before. It definitely has a lot of real life application!
Any secrets about UH Manoa you'd like to share? If you're looking for a good water fountain, the ones in Bilger Addition and the dance building are the best!
If money was no object, what would you do all day? Eat at all the best restaurants!

Dylan Wade
Hometown Pismo Beach, CA
Major Political Science
Minor Economics
Favorite college moment so far: My favorite college moment so far had to be move-in day of freshman year due to the fact people were running around everywhere and everyone was meeting everyone else and it truly was the moment I registered, "Wow, I'm really in college."
Theme song: "Island in the Sun" by Shwayze
Anything you want people to know about you? I love meeting new people and being introduced to new people so if you see me around come say Hi!
Do you have any unusual fears or phobias? I am abnormally fearful of clowns as well as anything involving teeth and eyes, e.g., loost teeth and contacts freak me out.

Ryan Yamada
Hometown Honolulu, HI
Major Communications
Minor Communicology
Best class you have ever taken at UHM and why: IP 364. It's an amazing class. The professor isn't afraid to step out of the boundaries of "traditional" teaching and teach from the soul. For me, a great class is a class that emphasizes building yourself to become better, over striving for just a grade.
Words of wisdom for incoming students: Realize that you're on an island. You also happened to be in the most isolated body land in the world... take advantage of that! There is a lot to see and do, including flying to another island (of course, when you're able to). Just think that if you're stressing over studying, and you can't get out of the area to hike or something, just take a walk around campus, or just look into the valley and see the beauty that surrounds you.
Any unusual fears or phobias? Even though I jumped out of a perfectly functioning aircraft multiple times, I'm afraid of heights.

Summer Leaders

Eric Baxa
Hometown Waipahu, HI
Major Mathematics
Words of wisdom for incoming students: Join a club! It's difficult to meet new people in class because 99% everyone is just listening to the professor's boring lecture. If you join a club, you'll have the opportunity to meet people who share similar interests with you.

Jannah Lyn Dela Cruz
Hometown Ewa Beach, HI
Major Architecture
Words of wisdom for incoming students: Seek every opportunity that will bring the best in you! Take advantage of the things that UH Manoa has to offer- and I am definitely referring to all the FREE things you can get, win and/or food to eat at many of UHM's campus events!

Ruth Enriquez
Hometown Waipahu, HI
Major Management Information Science & International Business
Words of wisdom for incoming students: Take every opportunity you get! You're only in college once and you never know where it will lead you. Maybe you'll find a new passion. Meet new friends! Even get sent to study abroad!

Nigel Guillermo
Hometown Ewa Beach, HI
Major Environmental Design
Words of wisdom for incoming students: This was I tell anyone: "Think of the reason why you wanted to go to college. Now, don't think! Don't about how hard its going to be or how nervous your going to be or anything that may worry you. Just know that you're making a good decision!" Do your best and always strive for excellence. Learn from you mistakes and most of all never give up your dream and for who you are doing this for: YOURSELF!

Bryson Higa
Hometown Kaneohe, HI
Major Exercise Science - Integrated Physiology
Minor Biology
Words of wisdom for incoming students: College is like life, its all about effort. Whether it be with your academics, your social life, your relationships, your job, etc. You put in the effort, success will follow.

Nam Ngo
Hometown Honolulu, HI
Major Business Marketing, International Business, and Management
Words of wisdom for incoming students: Don't be afraid of change. This is the time to find yourself. Do and become who you want to be. Don't let anyone else influence your happiness and your future. At the end of the day, you are living for yourself and not for others. Only you know what makes you happy. Take your college years seriously because these are some of the most important years of your life. This will be the foundation for your career. Don't forget to have fun and try new things, because not only are these years the most important, but they will be some of the best years and the best memories of your life. Don't give up. It's really easy to turn around and walk away, but push yourself to keep at it, it'll be worth it in the long run.

Sonny Ornellas
Hometown Ewa Beach, HI
Major Pre-Physical & Pre-Occupational Therapy
Words of wisdom for incoming students: Seek out allllll fields, know what your goal is, and just go for it!

Charles Pham
Hometown Santa Ana, CA
Major Business Marketing and Management
Words of wisdom for incoming students: HAVE FUN!! Everyone is new and probably has the same nerves for a new school year. Say HI to somebody and see how easy it is to make new friends.

Mia Porter
Hometown Honolulu, HI
Major Finance and Chinese
Words of wisdom for incoming students: Don't be afraid to try something new! I was hesitant at first to get involved on campus as I didn't know many people. But once I put myself out there, I made more friends that have given me very valuable advice. Just remember that everyone was a freshmen once and know what you're going through.

Tiffany Shigeoka
Hometown Honolulu, HI
Major Psychology
Minor Sociology
Words of wisdom for incoming students: Don't be afraid to try new things, take the initiative, and (believe it or not) these four years will pass by in the blink of an eye... make the best of it!

Warren Stevens
Hometown Eau Claire, WI
Major Psychology and Business Marketing
Minor Military Leadership and English Writing
Words of wisdom for incoming students: Get involved in some way shape or form right off the bat. Also, make sure to get good and lost right away. There is no better way to learn your way around then when you don't know where you are.

Stacy Suda
Hometown Honolulu, HI
Major Public Health
Minor Japanese and Business
Words of wisdom for incoming students: Many of us enter college, not knowing what we want to pursue. It can be one of the most frustrating times in your life. However, this quote has really helped me and I hope it can help you too: "just because you haven't got it all figured out, doesn't mean you never will. Some day you may even look back and wonder why you were ever worried." Don't worry! It will all work out in the end :)

Trisha Toguchi
Hometown Honolulu, HI
Major Business Management & Human Resources
Words of wisdom for incoming students: Get involved on campus because before you know it college will go by really fast. An excellent way is to join a club where you are able to meet new people and get familiar with the campus. If you ever need help or have a question, in college don't be afraid to ask because everybody is friendly and willing to help in anyway. Also just be yourself and make the most of it.

Andrew Wang
Hometown Santa Monica, CA
Major Chemistry
Words of wisdom for incoming students: If you're having trouble in classes, don't be afraid to go to your professor's office hours or any provided tutoring services! The only person preventing you from succeeding is yourself!

Jenna Yanos
Hometown Makawao, HI
Major Elementary Education
Words of wisdom for incoming students: Don't be afraid to try new things! Whether it's a club, sports, or special events on campus like movie nights, concerts, or attending athletic games, there's always fun activities going on on campus, and many great people to get to know along with them. Many of the events are also free for students, so check them out! UH Manoa always has places and events to explore.

Kelly Zakimi
Hometown Kaneohe, HI
Major History and Economics
Words of wisdom for incoming students: There are so many opportunities to get involved, so take advantage of them! There's something for everyone - find the organization or club that is best aligned with your passions. It will make for a wonderful college experience!

Week of Welcome (WoW) Leaders

Kayla Abalos
Hometown Papaikou, HI
Major Creative Media, Animation
Words of wisdom for incoming students: Don't be afraid to make friends and be outgoing, chances are those around you want to do the same. It's great to explore around the island and have fun but to take care of your academics. Balance is key.

Cedric Colling
Hometown Honolulu, HI
Major Finance
Words of wisdom for incoming students: Do not procrastinate. Get your work done early and study for quizzes and exams at least a week before. Doing this will pay great dividends.

Jennifer Pascual
Hometown Honolulu, HI
Major Elementary Education
Words of wisdom for incoming students: Do especially well in your first semester in college. Don't miss out on opportunities, but try not to get overwhelmed with them too. Remember to spend time with your parents; don't forget that as you get older, so does your parents. Live a simple life but memorable life. Time goes by really fast so cherish every moment. Good luck! (:

Kelly Ruan
Hometown Honolulu, HI
Major Biology
Words of wisdom for incoming students: The first year is all about exploring, so don't worry! Use all your resources (like your professors) to feel around for what you like. You might think oh no college is like the start of my future oh no! But don't put too much pressure on yourself, and ASK LOTS of questions because 1, you will be able to get your answers and learn as much as you can and 2, you will annoy your professors (and become bffs of course). If you have no idea what to do your first year, take classes that you are interested in that could also fill pre-requisites that you have (and become best friends with your professors). Talk to as much people as you can and make as much connections here as you can, be active and put yourself out there. Also, exercise because I have seen freshman 15 happen to my friends and it is not even funny (well they think it is).