New Student Orientation Staff

Danielle Aragon
Hometown Moanalua, Oahu
Major Family Resources
Year in School Junior

Allyson Arrieta
Hometown Kahului, Maui
Major Philippine Language & Literature (Ilokano)
Year in School Senior
What do you like most about UH Manoa? The diverse group of students
Most embarrassing college moment: When I walked into the men's bathroom :|

Christian Caluya
Hometown Hilo, Hawaii
Major Information & Computer Sciences
Minor Ilokano
Year in School Senior
What do you like most about UH Manoa? The thing I like most about UH Manoa is the diversity - not just in ethnicities but clubs, classes, majors, etc. There are so many awesome opportunities offered at this university that everyone should take advantage of while studying here.
Most embarrassing college moment: Running to catch the bus is never fun. xD
Any secrets that you'd like to share about the UH Manoa campus? Cut through Krauss Hall if you're heading to the dorms from Campus Center. You'll save time waiting at the crosswalk and you'll get to see ducks! The tree there also blooms in Spring and it's really pretty. :D

Dulce Ramos
Hometown Waipahu, Oahu
Major Communications
Year in School Senior
What do you like most about UH Manoa? I love the diversity of people that you meet on campus. Everyone comes from a different background and has their own story to share as to why they're here and what they plan on doing while at UH Manoa and for their future. I also like the sense of community and closeness with the people you meet, too. It's almost as though everyone is connected in some way. You don't really see that anywhere else.
Most embarrassing college moment: I tried to impress this cute guy at the old gym in Lower Campus. I pulled a muscle instead and walked away in shame to my next exercise.

Kaelin Sylva
Hometown Gilroy, California
Major Natural Resources and Environmental Management - Resource Management & Conservation
Year in School Freshman
What do you like most about UH Manoa? The secret locations that are hidden in the around campus.
Most embarrassing college moment: Mistaking strangers for friends and having conversations with them.