Academic Advising and Registration

Academic advising is not formally included in transfer orientation. However, the NSO staff has organized information about how to contact your college, school, and program directly for academic advising. Some Schools and Colleges are offering academic advising sessions after the one-day transfer sessions on Friday, August 1st or Wednesday, August 13th.

Please also view the Bachelor Degree Program Sheet for your selected major. This website will give you more information about your major and the courses required for graduation.

Click this link for the one-day advisor schedule: Advising Schedule (updated 6/17/2014)

Academic advising during Week of Welcome (August 19th - August 22nd) can be coordinated by contacting your academic major's department. A list of department contact information can be found here.

Registration for the Fall 2014 Semester

Students who register and attend either a freshman or transfer orientation 1-day session will be given priority registration access to register on either Monday, August 11 or Tuesday, August 12.

We will provide more details about the date and time via email to your account.

Students who register for the Week of Welcome will also be given an earlier registration appointment time. We will provide more details about the date and time via email to your account. We encourage you to at least begin registering at the earlier time you are assigned via your participation in WoW. When you meet with an advisor during Week of Welcome, the advisor can look over your schedule and make suggestions.