Films and Videos in Moving Images Database

  1. D.N.T. Defining Natural Talent
  2. Dai Nippon School Health Day (Bongin te Mauri 2002)
  3. Dance for the King
  4. Dance Highlights from the 5th Festival of Pacific Arts, 1988
  5. Dances of Life
  6. Dances of New Guinea
  7. Dances of the South Seas
  8. The Dancing Church of the South Pacific: Liturgy and Culture in Polynesia and Melanesia
  9. Dancing in One World
  10. Dancing in the Moonlight
  11. Dani Houses
  12. Dani Sweet Potatoes
  13. Danses de l'Amour, du Feu, et du Tapa: Chants et Dances de Tahiti
  14. The Dark Islands
  15. Daughters of the Pacific
  16. DaveŐs New Beat
  17. David Ngatae: Songwriter-Singer
  18. A Day in the Life
  19. Day Trip
  20. De la Case A L`Universite
  21. Dead Birds
  22. Dead Birds / Tote Všgel
  23. Dead Calm
  24. Dead ManŐs Tale
  25. Death
  26. Death Drums of New Guinea
  27. Death of an Island Culture
  28. The Death of Silence
  29. Death Tide at Tarawa
  30. A Death to Pay For: Individual Voices
  31. Deep Water Danger
  32. Deep Water Shrimp Trapping
  33. The Delightful Rogue
  34. Dennis O'Rourke
  35. Destination Samoa - New Zealand Samoans Between Two Cultures / Fokus Samoa - NeuseelŠndische Samoaner zwischen zwei Kulturen
  36. Destination: Marshall Islands
  37. La Deuxieme Guerre Mondiale dans le Pacifique, I
  38. La Deuxieme Guerre Mondiale dans le Pacifique, II
  39. La Deuxieme Guerre Mondiale dans le Pacifique, III
  40. The Devil At Four O'clock
  41. Devil Monster
  42. Devil's Mountain
  43. Devil's Mountain
  44. The Devil's Pit
  45. Die Tierwelt in Papua-Neuguinea
  46. Les dieux sont borgnes de Pierre Gope et Nicolas Kurtovitch
  47. Digging for the Truth: Giants of Easter Island
  48. Disappearing of Tuvalu: Trouble in Paradise
  49. Disappearing World Revisited. Episode 1
  50. Disappearing World Series
  51. Disarming the Seas: Voices and Actions from Around the World
  52. Disaster Fly
  53. Discover Fiji
  54. Discover the World of Science Program 404
  55. The Discovery of Australia
  56. The Disillusionment of Patrick Veitch
  57. Distant Horizons (Nomads of the Winds)
  58. District Commissioner
  59. Les divas du Pacifique (Divas of the Pacific)
  60. Dive Travel Fiji: The Tropical South Pacific Islands
  61. Diving and Snorkeling Guam and Yap
  62. Diving Palau
  63. Doing It
  64. Doing It Right: Democracy in the Pacific
  65. Dolphin Hunters of the South Seas
  66. Dominic Fireballs: Pacific Testing, 1962, Christmas Islands area
  67. Don't Give Up the Ship
  68. Don't Go Near the Water
  69. Don't Go Past With Your Nose in the Air
  70. DonŐt Let It Get You
  71. DontŐ Smoke that Cigarette
  72. Donovan's Reef
  73. Dorfleben im Tonga-Archipel - I. Am Morgen, Mattenherstellung, Koprabereitung / Village Life in the Tonga Archipelago - I. In the Morning, Making Mats, Preparation of Copra
  74. Dorfleben im Tonga-Archipel - II. Herstellung von Rindenstoff, Nachmittagsmahlzeit, Kirchgang / Village Life in the Tonga Archipelago - II. Production of Bark, Afternoon Meal, Church-going
  75. Dorfleben im Tonga-Archipel - III. Kawa-Gesellschaft und TŠnze / Village Life in the Tonga Archipelago - III. Kawa Party and Dances
  76. DotŐs Death
  77. Double Take: Training Program for Biculturalism
  78. Down among the Sheltering Palms
  79. Down There
  80. Down to the Bottom
  81. Down to the Sea in Ships
  82. Dr. CareyŐs Interview on Alcohol Abuse with Dr. Polloi
  83. Dread
  84. A Dream of Peace
  85. Drei Frauen in PNG
  86. Driftnets in the Pacific: Greenpeace Investigates
  87. Driftwood
  88. Driven
  89. The Drum and the Mask: Time of the Tubuan
  90. Drums across the Lagoon
  91. Drums of Tahiti
  92. Duke of Edinburgh Culture Festival