Films and Videos in Moving Images Database

  1. Fa (West-Neuguinea, Zentrales Hochland) - Arbeiten bei der Errichtung eines neuen Dorfes nach einem Erdbeben / Fa (West New Guinea, Central Highlands) - Building a New Village after an Earthquake
  2. Fa (West-Neuguinea, Zentrales Hochland) - Bau einer Schwippgalgenfalle / Fa (West New Guinea, Central Highlands) - Building a Whip-Card Trap
  3. Fa (West-Neuguinea, Zentrales Hochland) - Erster Kontakt mit wei§en Besuchern / Fa (West New Guinea, Central Highlands) - First Contact with White Visitors
  4. Fa (West-Neuguinea, Zentrales Hochland) - Erster Kontakt mit wei§en Besuchern / Fa (West New Guinea, Central Highlands) - First Contact with White Visitors
  5. Fa (West-Neuguinea, Zentrales Hochland) - Kinderspiel "frug-frugana" / Fa (West New Guinea, Central Highlands) - Children's Game "frug-frugana"
  6. Fa (West-Neuguinea, Zentrales Hochland) - Magische Heilbehandlung einer Kopfverletzung / Fa (West New Guinea, Central Highlands) - Magic Treatment of a Head Injury
  7. Fa (West-Neuguinea, Zentrales Hochland) - Zubereiten und Verspeisen von BeutelmŠusen / Fa (West New Guinea, Central Highlands) - Preparing and Eating Marsupials
  8. Fa'a Samoa
  9. Fa'a Samoa Yesterday and Today
  10. Fa'a Samoa: [The Samoan Way]
  11. Fa'a Samoa: The Samoan Way
  12. Faaaloaloga a Fiso ma Letele Asau ma le Aualuma faapea ai ma Faletua ma Tausi
  13. Faces of the Spirits: The Sulka People of Papua New Guinea
  14. Facing the demons
  15. A Fair Share
  16. Fair Wind to Java
  17. Faiva Tau`olunga Tau`olunga Dances
  18. Fakamoemoega mo aso mai mua / Family Planning in Tuvalu
  19. Fakapangai: In the Circle of the Sovereign
  20. The Family
  21. Family / Ngai Tatou
  22. Family at War
  23. Family Life
  24. Famous Marine Battles: Guadalcanal and the Shores of Iwo Jima
  25. Famous Marine Battles: Tarawa
  26. Fangen von Palolowurm-Segmenten auf Samoa
  27. Faraway Heaven
  28. Farewell to the Last Magician
  29. Fashion in Tahiti
  30. Father Goose
  31. FatherŐs Dream (Drim Blong Papa)
  32. Fathom after Fathom after Fathom
  33. Fatu Feu'u
  34. La Faune CalŽdonienne
  35. Fear of Disclosure: The Psycho-Social Implications of HIV Revelation
  36. Feathers of Peace
  37. Fella Belong Bush
  38. Femmes caledoniennes
  39. Les Femmes Savantes
  40. Festival of the Pig
  41. Festivals of Asia and the Pacific
  42. Fifth Air Force Reports
  43. Fifth Festival of the Pacific Arts
  44. Fifth Pacific Festival of Arts, Townsville, Australia, 1988
  45. Fifty Ways to Get Enlightened
  46. Fifty Years of Silence: The Untold Story of Japanese Americans in the Pacific Theater, 1941-1952
  47. Fighting Back
  48. Fighting for Sovereignty
  49. The Fighting Seabees
  50. The Fighting Sullivans
  51. Fiji
  52. Fiji - The Land and the Legends
  53. Fiji and the South Sea Islands
  54. Fiji Coup and the Secret Service
  55. Fiji Coups
  56. Fiji Pine
  57. Fiji Red Cross Society: People Helping People
  58. Fiji Success
  59. Fiji Waves
  60. Fiji, Fiji
  61. Fiji, Karekare
  62. Fiji: A South Sea Promise
  63. Fiji: A Year after the Coup
  64. Fiji: Legacies of Empire
  65. Fiji: The Great Council of Chiefs
  66. Fiji: Three Legged Stool
  67. Fiji: Village Development
  68. Fiji: Village Life
  69. Fiji: War Dance at Beqa
  70. Fijian Holdings Limited: Setting a New Course
  71. Fijian Praxis
  72. Fijian Things
  73. Filariasis, Leprosy, Tuberculosis
  74. Film Studies of the Traditional Polynesian Lifestyle of the Cook Islands: PukaPuka Atoll
  75. Film Study of the Lifestyle of the Western Caroline Islands of Micronesia, 1976
  76. Film Study of the Lifestyle of the Western Caroline Islands of Micronesia, 1981
  77. Fire and Magic
  78. Fire Knife of Samoa: Siva Ailao Afi
  79. The Fire Walkers of Fiji
  80. First and Second Language Literacy: From Research to Practice
  81. First Class: Excellence in Public Schools
  82. First Contact
  83. First Days in the Life of a New Guinea Baby
  84. The First Five Years
  85. First Foods for My Baby
  86. First to Fight
  87. The Firstborn
  88. Firth on Firth - Reflections of an Anthropologist / Firth Ÿber Firth - RŸckblicke eines Ethnologen
  89. Fischfang im Santa Cruz-Archipel (Riff-Inseln) / Fishery in the Santa Cruz Archipelago (Reef Islands)
  90. Fischfang im Tonga-Archipel / Fishing in the Tonga Archipelago
  91. Fish Aggregation Devices in Fiji
  92. Fish Trapping
  93. Fisheries in the South Pacific
  94. Fishing
  95. Fishing Dogs of the Tuamotu Islands
  96. FishQuest
  97. Fit for a King
  98. Flat Top
  99. Flechten eines Schweinestrickes - Fa (West-Neuguinea, Zentrales Hochland) / Twisting a Pig Rope - Fa (West New Guinea, Central Highlands)
  100. The Fleet's In [1928]
  101. The Fleet's In [1942]
  102. Flight into Yesterday
  103. The Flight of Te Hookioi
  104. Flight of the Albatross
  105. Flight of the Southern Cross
  106. Flight of the White Heron
  107. La Flore CalŽdonienne
  108. The Flowering of the Pacific: Banks Florilegium
  109. The Fly and the Axe
  110. Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree
  111. Flying Leathernecks
  112. The Flying Stones of Nan Madol
  113. Focus on Papua New Guinea University of Technology
  114. Folk Dances of Asia and the Pacific 2
  115. Following Captain Cook
  116. Food Fight: Good vs Rotten
  117. Food from the Sea
  118. Food Handling
  119. Food is Precious - Take Care of It
  120. Food, Clothing, and Shelter in Three Environments
  121. Footloose in Palau
  122. For Richer, for Poorer
  123. For the Love of Chuuk: Working Towards the Common
  124. For the Record: Guam and World War II
  125. For Tomorrow
  126. Forbidden Island
  127. The Forbidden Islands
  128. La force de Popo: histoire simple dŐhomme (Simple Story of a Man)
  129. Forceline
  130. Foreign No More: A Community College Group's Voyage of Discovery of Citizenship in a Global Village
  131. A Forest Study
  132. Forest without Spears
  133. Forestry Products
  134. La Fort NŽo-CalŽdonienne
  135. Four Corners: Guns and Money
  136. The Fourth Child
  137. Fourth Pacific Festival of Arts, Tahiti, 1985
  138. Fray Juan Pobre
  139. Fredrik Barth - From Fieldwork to Theory / Fredrik Barth - Von der Feldforschung zur Theorie
  140. Freedom 2000: Striving Towards a Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific
  141. Freizeit und Spiel in aller Welt: Neuginea
  142. French Connection
  143. French Polynesia
  144. Fri Pres: Media Freedom in the Pacific
  145. Friendly Fiji
  146. The Friendly Isles
  147. Frivolous Fiji
  148. From Hell It Came
  149. From Mortal to Ancestor: The Funeral in Tonga
  150. From Mountains to Sea: Papua New Guinea's Threatened Environment
  151. From Pearl Harbor through Coral Sea
  152. From Spirit to Spirit - Te Upoko o te Ika: Making Waves
  153. From Spirit to Spirit - Whakatupuranga Rua Mano, Generation Two Thousand
  154. From Street to Sky
  155. Fruit Tree Propagation in the Pacific Islands
  156. Fury in the Pacific
  157. Fury of "Val": A Pacific Island Story
  158. Future Concern
  159. The Future of Life: Searching for Solutions