Films and Videos in Moving Images Database

  1. Ha'a Alahanga Ni Ulawa
  2. HaĠapai Islands Conservation Area
  3. Habitat melanesien et son evolution
  4. Haere Mai
  5. Hagatna Historic District
  6. Haka
  7. Haka and Siva
  8. Haka-Rongo (To Listen)
  9. Haka! The All Blacks on Tour
  10. Half Life: A Parable for the Nuclear Age
  11. Half Way between Land and Sea, Fiji
  12. Hallelujah in Tonga with the SBS Youth Orchestra and Tongan Choir
  13. Halls of Montezuma
  14. Hammond Flying Film
  15. Han Mane'ak Su [The Ritual Clown] in a Rotuman Wedding
  16. Handle It Right
  17. Hans Up! Buai O Laip Blong Yu! (Hands Up! Your Betelnut or Your Life!)
  18. The Happy Island
  19. Happy Where They Are: The People of Pitcairn
  20. Hard Coral Kingdom: The Reefs of Guam
  21. Hardwoods of Papua New Guinea
  22. HawaiĠi Loa: A Return to the Source
  23. HawaiĠian Fishhooks
  24. Hawaikii
  25. He Murimuri Aroha ki nga Morehu o Maungapohatu / Journey into Rua's Stronghold
  26. He Pito Whakaatu a Te Maori Na James McDonald
  27. He Pito Whakaatu i te Hui i Rotorua / Scenes at the Rotorua Hui
  28. He Pito Whakaatu i te Noho a te Maori i te Awa a Whanganui / Scenes of Maori Life on the Whanganui River
  29. He Pito Whakaatu i te Noho a te Maori i te Tairawhiti / Scenes of Maori Life on the East Coast
  30. He Poraruraru
  31. He Tohunga Whakairo
  32. He Waiata He Poi
  33. Healthy Choices
  34. Hear ChildrenĠs Voices
  35. Heart of New Guinea
  36. The Heaven Breakers / Papalagi
  37. Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison
  38. Heaven on Earth
  39. Hei Tiki
  40. Hei Tiki: Adventures in Maoriland
  41. The Heirs of Lata: The Renewal of Polynesian Voyaging Traditions
  42. Heiva Tahiti 1998: Highlights
  43. Heiva Tahiti 2001
  44. Hell at Forty Fathoms
  45. Hell in the Pacific
  46. Hell in the Pacific
  47. Hell Ship Mutiny
  48. Hell to Eternity
  49. Hell's Island
  50. Hellcats of the Navy
  51. Helpem Mifela: Aid for the Solomon Islands
  52. Helping Hands
  53. Her Jungle Love
  54. Her Name Came on Arrows: A Kinship Interview with the Baruya of New Guinea
  55. Here's New Zealand
  56. Heritage of Maori Song
  57. Herman Melville, Damned in Paradise
  58. Herman Melville: 'November in My Soul'
  59. Hibiscus
  60. The Hidden Pearls
  61. Highland Unichurch
  62. Highlands of New Guinea
  63. Hikoi Inside Out
  64. Hindus in Paradise
  65. Hinemoa [1924]
  66. Hinemoa [1982]
  67. The Hiri Tradition at Kule Island
  68. Hirini Melbourne
  69. His Captive Woman
  70. His Majesty O'Keefe
  71. His Own Kind of Dignity
  72. Historic Preservation
  73. Historical Perspectives
  74. Hiti Tau: Building a New Nation
  75. Hitting Hard: Domestic Violence
  76. Ho`oilina: Continuing the Legacy
  77. HokuleĠa and Its Crew
  78. Hokule'a and the Rebirth of HawaiĠian Culture
  79. Hokule'a: In the Path of the Ancients
  80. Hokule'a: Ka Wa'a Kaulua
  81. Hokule'a: Proud Voyage Home
  82. Hokule'a: The Rediscovery Begins
  83. Holiday in Tahiti
  84. Home of the Brave
  85. The Home of the Sleeping Lady: Welcome to Kosrae
  86. Home on the Range
  87. Hone Tuwhare - The Return Home
  88. Horizons
  89. Horizons of the Future
  90. The Horizontal Lieutenant
  91. Horowhenua: The Land Unfolds
  92. Horror Island
  93. Hos Polyneisierne Pa Rennell-Oen (Among Polynesians on Rennell Island)
  94. Hotere
  95. Hotu Painu (ÒPoison FruitÓ)
  96. How the Kiwi Lost His Wings
  97. How To Do An EIA
  98. How to Make a Coffee Nursery
  99. How to Stuff a Wild Bikini
  100. HuakaĠi
  101. Huakina
  102. Hu•tre perlire ˆ lvres noires: Black Lip Pearl Oyster
  103. Hula Dancing for Fitness and Fun
  104. The Hula Fishermen and Koki Market
  105. Hula Girls
  106. Human Face of the Pacific
  107. Hundert Meisterwerke: ÒEin Fest fur die Toten.Ó Ahnenkult in der Sudsee
  108. Hunters in the Sky: Hell in the Pacific
  109. The Hurricane [1937]
  110. The Hurricane [1979[
  111. Hurricane Smith