Films and Videos in Moving Images Database

  1. LÕArchipel Des Forcats
  2. LÕhistoire dÕun parfum
  3. LÕile des achromates, une ile en noir et blanc
  4. Lady Be Careful
  5. Lafulafu a Tama Seugogo Š The Ruffled Bird Catcher
  6. Le lagon des traitions (The Lagoon of Traditions)
  7. Lamotrek Atoll: Research Film Footage of a Traditional Carolinian Society
  8. Lamotrek: Heritage of an Island
  9. Land Bilong Islanders
  10. The Land Has Eyes: Pear ta na Õon maf
  11. The Land Has Teeth
  12. Land of Fury
  13. Land of the Kiwi
  14. Land of the Morning Star
  15. Land Trust Act
  16. Land Use and Management in Nakorosule
  17. Land-Divers of Melanesia
  18. Landslide
  19. The Last Flight of Noah's Ark
  20. The Last Horizon
  21. The Last Magician
  22. The Last Navigator
  23. Last of the Pagans
  24. Last of the Stone Agers
  25. Last Paradise
  26. The Last Paradise
  27. The Last Tattoo
  28. The Last Warrior
  29. A Lasting Impression
  30. The Late Starter: Papua New Guinea
  31. The Lau of Malaita
  32. Laua ni Ravitaki, Fiji: Terrace Farming in Kadavu
  33. Laumatanga, Pride of Locality in Tongan Poetry
  34. Launching a Traditional Yapese Canoe
  35. The Laura Boulton Film Collection
  36. Law of the Sea
  37. Le Afi Ua Mu: The Fire is Burning
  38. Lea et Moana
  39. Leahy Collection (Film 1): Middle Wahgi to Kundiawa
  40. Leahy Collection (Film 2): Goroka Valley
  41. Leahy Collection (Film 3)
  42. Leahy Collection (Film 4)
  43. Leahy Collection (Film 5)
  44. Leahy Collection (Film 6): Bena Bena
  45. Leahy Collection (Film 7): Goroka
  46. Leahy Collection (Film 8): Trekking in the Goroka Valley
  47. Leahy Collection (Film 9)
  48. Leahy Collection (Film 10): Mt. Hagen Base Camp
  49. Leahy Collection (Film 11): Mt. Hagen
  50. Leahy Footage of Papua New Guinea
  51. A Legacy
  52. The Legacy of the Spanish-American War in the Pacific: A Centennial Conference, june 17, 18, 19, 1998
  53. Legend in Clay
  54. The Legend of Bill from Birth to Law
  55. The Legend of Rotorua
  56. Legend of the Niu
  57. Legends from the Pacific (Polynesia)
  58. Legends of Easter Island
  59. Legends of the Fall
  60. Legia Tillet-Lamus Recital
  61. The Length of a Memory
  62. Leon Fouche, Lands Officer
  63. Les as de coeur
  64. Les esprits du Koniambo
  65. Les Possedes de Faaite
  66. Let Our (The?) Turtle Family Live
  67. Let's Go Native
  68. Let's Go to Papua: Western Papua
  69. LetÕs Look at New Guinea
  70. Letter to the Dead
  71. Levuka - Birthplace of a Nation
  72. Levuka, the Ancient Capital of Fiji Islands
  73. Liberation 40
  74. Library Activities
  75. Library Development in Micronesia: The Trust Territory Experience
  76. Lieweila: A Micronesian Story
  77. Life after Death
  78. Life After the Compact (Mour Elikin Compact Eo)
  79. Life Halfway between Land and Sea
  80. Life in Samoa
  81. Life on a Coral Atoll
  82. Life on the Reef
  83. Like Any Other Lovers
  84. Listen to Our Voice
  85. A Little Film about Tivaevae: Cook Islands Quilting
  86. The Little Hut
  87. Little Robinson Crusoe
  88. Live and Proud
  89. The Living Edens: Palau, Paradise of the Pacific
  90. The Living Ocean
  91. Living the Sweet Life: Diabetes in Micronesia
  92. Living Together
  93. Living with Cannibals
  94. Log Hauling in Amoum
  95. Long Lost Songs
  96. A Long Night with Lethal Guests
  97. Longfin
  98. Lords of the Garden
  99. Lost & Found
  100. Lost and Found on a South Sea Island
  101. The Lost Evidence: Peleliu
  102. The Lost Fleet of Guadalcanal
  103. Lost Fleet of the Rock Islands: the Search for PalauÕs Sunken Japanese Ships
  104. Lost Island of Anuta
  105. Lost Lagoon
  106. Lost Tribes of New Guinea
  107. Lost World of the Medusa
  108. Lost Years: A Sea Turtle Odyssey
  109. Love Affair
  110. Love Flower
  111. Love in the Pacific
  112. Love Tahiti Style
  113. Lt Robin Crusoe, USN
  114. Lucien Kimitete, un homme de la Terre des hommes
  115. Lure of the Islands
  116. Lust for Life