Films and Videos in Moving Images Database

  1. Uiaki Fono: Resolving the Future, a Personal Perspective with Taueva Faotusia
  2. Un demi-siecle de recherches medicales en P.F.: Filariose, Ciguatera
  3. “...und die Sat ging auf.”
  4. Understanding the Coastal Environment
  5. An Underwater Garden: The Lagoonarium
  6. Underwater Warrior
  7. Unexplored New Guinea
  8. Unichurch
  9. Unika am Tiiwiita Kabwebwea am Tianti
  10. The Uninvited Guest
  11. United Nations Population Fund Series
  12. United States Air Force Presents its Part in “Operation Sandston” Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Atomic Bomb Test, Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands
  13. United States Army Engineers in Operation Sandstone
  14. Unknown Island
  15. The Unsleeping Eye
  16. Untamed Women
  17. Until They Sail
  18. Uomini Coccodrillo (Crocodile Men)
  19. Up in Arms
  20. Up Periscope
  21. Up with the Birds
  22. The Upside Down Economy
  23. Uro Clay Pot
  24. US Army Engineers on Operation Sandstone
  25. US Staff Report, No. 1
  26. USAF Participation in Operation Sandstone
  27. USDA Needy Family Food Program in Truk
  28. USP Centre Kiribati Open Day, 18-19 Sept 1997
  29. USP Divided World
  30. Utu
  31. V for Victory: Guadalcanal and the Pacific Counter Attack
  32. Va Tapuia (Sacred Spaces)
  33. Va Tupuia (Sacred Spaces)
  34. Vabukori
  35. Vahine, des bisoux pas des coups
  36. Vaimutu Stars Concert
  37. Vaitafe: Running Water
  38. Vaka Taumako: The First Voyage
  39. La Vallee
  40. La vallee des hommes plumes (Valley of the Feather Men)
  41. Valley of Enchantments
  42. Vanua
  43. Vanua-Tai . . . Of Land and Sea
  44. Vanuatu
  45. Vanuatu
  46. Vanuatu: Freedom and Pain
  47. Vanuatu: The Timeless Islands, a Touch of Paradise
  48. Vanuatu: Yumi winim fridom / Struggle for Freedom / La lutte pour la liberte
  49. VAP (Voluntary Assistance Programme)
  50. Variations on a Theme
  51. Varua: Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti
  52. Vathe Conservation Area
  53. Vatulele, Island in Fiji
  54. Vehicle Light Campaign
  55. Velvet Dreams
  56. Vengeance of the Deep
  57. Venus of the South Seas
  58. Vertical Longline: Fish Simple, Fish Deep
  59. VI Festival of Pacific Arts, Cook Islands, October 16-27, 1992
  60. Victor Roger: 2006 Fulbright-Creative New Zealand Pacific Writer in Residence
  61. Victory at Sea Series
  62. Victory over Death: The Works of Colin McCahon
  63. Video Projects
  64. The VIII Pacific Arts Festival
  65. Vilij Helt Woka Yu Yes!
  66. The Village Coffee Factory
  67. The Village Council
  68. Village Life
  69. Village Life in Tonga
  70. Vincent and the Rainforest: Global Conversations in Rural Melanesia
  71. Visions of the Pacific
  72. A Visit from Captain Cook
  73. The Visitation
  74. Visiting China: The Visit of the Head of State of Samoa to the People’s Republic of China
  75. Visiting Hawaii: The Visit of the Head of State of Samoa to Hawaii
  76. Visiting Samoa
  77. The Vital California Show
  78. Vitarelli's Footage of the Western Caroline Islands
  79. Vitu Islands: Singsing Miri (Malanggan)
  80. Vivii i le Atua – Praise to God: Exploring Religious Freedom in Samoa
  81. A Voice for Music Learning: Polynesian Music
  82. A Voice in Government
  83. Voice of the Pacific
  84. Voice of the Turtle
  85. Voices in a Seashell
  86. Voices in the Forest
  87. Voices of Pohnpei, Part I
  88. Voices of Pohnpei, Part II
  89. Volcanic Eruption
  90. Völkekündliche Filmdokumente Aus Der Südsee
  91. Volkerkundliche filmdokumente aus der sudsee
  92. Volo Momoru: The Turtle Net
  93. Vom Ursprung
  94. Voodoo Island
  95. Vor drei Jahren war meine Welt noch in Ordnung
  96. The Voyage Home: Hawai'iloa's Northwest Passage
  97. The Voyage of Bounty's Child
  98. Voyage of Rediscovery
  99. Voyage of the Brigantine Yankee
  100. Voyage of the Hokule’a
  101. A Voyage to the Marquesas Islands
  102. Les voyageurs de la Korrigane
  103. Voyaging for Sustainability
  104. Vukumo Mask Construction and Performance