Kuro: the Work of Amele Nacewa, master potter of Fiji

Location:Fiji; Tasmania, Australia
Subject:Art and artists, pottery
Length:30 minutes
Format:PAL, NTSC
Year Released:1987
Director:Rod Ewins
Producer:Leigh Hobba
Distributor:Leigh Hobba, Lecturer in Video, School of Art, University of Tasmania, Hobart 7001, Tasmania, Australia
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Description:Documentary of interaction between Amele Nacewa, the last potter in the Sigatoka area of Fiji to make the large cooking pots called 'kuro', and a group of late twentieth-century ceramacists in the University of Tasmania Art department. The tape is both an appropriate homage to one of the last true master craftsmen of this artform in Fiji (75 years of age at the time of original video production in 1987), and also a rare documentation of the entire process of the artform, from selecting and making the simple toolkit to firing the product.
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