Kwoma (Neuguinea, Sepik) - Yamsanbau / Kwoma (New Guinea, Sepik) - Yam Cultivation

Location:Papua New Guinea
Subject:Gesellschaft ; Arbeitsteilung ; Gemeinschaftsarbeit ; Wirtschaft ; BodenbaugerŠte ; Knollenfrźchte ; Papua-Neuguinea ; Sepik-Gebiet ; Australien/Ozeanien ; ethnology ; society ; division of labour ; team effort ; economy ; agriculture ; Ackerbau ; farming, cultivation ; farm implements ; tuber crops ; Australia/Oceania ; Papua New Guinea ; Sepik Region ; Ethnologie/Kulturanthropologie ; Agrar- und Forstwissenschaft ; Umweltwissenschaft / škologie ; Landwirtschaft ; Pflanzenbau, Ernte ; Wurzeln, Knollen
Length:25 1/2 min
Format:Film, 16 mm, 276 m
Year Released:1980
Director:Kaufmann, Christian (Basel)
Producer:Christian Kaufmann (Basel)
Distributor:IWF (Gšttingen) E 2289
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Description:Mit Hilfe von 24 MŠnnern bestellt ein Mann in Meno seinen Garten: Vorbereiten der Yamsknollen, Graben der Setzlšcher, Transport der Setzlinge (Dioscorea alata und esculenta) und Auspflanzen; Hegen: Lianenspannen, JŠten, Nachpflanzen; Yamsernte.A group of 24 men dig holes on the plantation Yessomari has cleared northwest of the village of Meno in the Washkuk Hills. Later his wives and other women bring the yam seedlings, including intact tubers of the local kou type (Dioscorea esculenta). The planter sprinkles the latter with a secret, watery solution and inserts them in the holes, always observing certain rules of conduct. Cut-up nein tubers are planted without ceremonial activity. The women plant taro and vegetables. Threads of split lianas are stretched from the trees left standing after the clearance work, and the creepers of the yam plants are arranged so that they can climb up on them. One of the times women from Yessomari's household go to the plantation is to harvest the early vegetables and to weed. The first yam tubers can be harvested on the luxuriantly overgrown plantation after eight months.
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