Kwoma (Neuguinea, Sepik) - Zubereiten einer Pandanus-Suppe / Kwoma (New Guinea, Sepik) - Preparing a Pandanus Soup

Location:Papua New Guinea
Subject:Gesellschaft ; Arbeitsteilung ; Wirtschaft ; Nahrungszubereitung ; Kochen ; Papua-Neuguinea ; Sepik-Gebiet ; Australien/Ozeanien ; ethnology ; society ; division of labour ; economy ; preparation of food ; cooking ; Australia/Oceania ; Papua New Guinea ; Sepik Region ; Ethnologie/Kulturanthropologie
Length:14 min
Format:Film, 16 mm, 152 m
Year Released:1983
Director:Kaufmann, Christian (Basel)
Producer:Christian Kaufmann (Basel)
Distributor:IWF (Gšttingen) E 2104
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Description:Im Dorf Meno wird aus dem Saft der Pandanusfruchtkerne, aus GemŸse, Bananen, SagostŠrke und Kokosfruchtfleisch in Tontšpfen eine verdickte Suppe gekocht. Die anfallenden Arbeiten bei der Zubereitung werden aus religišsen GrŸnden zwischen Mann und Frau aufgeteilt. Die Suppe wird vor allem jŸngeren MŠnnern vorgesetzt, die sich am Bau eines neuen MŠnnerhauses beteiligt haben.Using a thematically consistent example from the village of Meno in the Washkuk Hills, the film shows how the red pandanus pulp (Pandanus cono•deus), vegetables, bananas, sago starch and coconut pulp are prepared to make a thick soup of porridge-like consistency. The cooking is done in clay pots, most of which the women have either made themselves or which have been received from other Kwoma as part of a ritual payment. For religious reasons, the preparation of the soup is divided up between husbands and wives. The soup is not meant to be consumed by members of the households; it will be served to a group of mainly young men who have helped to build a new men's house.
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