Kwoma (Neuguinea, Sepik) - Schnitzen und Bemalen eines MŠnnerhaus-Zierbalkens / Kwoma (New Guinea, Sepik) - Carving and Painting a Decorative Beam for a Men's House

Location:Papua New Guinea
Subject:Gesellschaft ; Gemeinschaftsarbeit ; Vereinswesen ; Kleidung ; Farbstoff, Farbe ; Kunsthandwerk ; Malen, Malerei ; Wirtschaft ; Bauwesen ; Forstwirtschaft, Waldwirtschaft ; Arbeits- und GerŠtekunde ; Holzbearbeitung ; Schnitzen ; Papua-Neuguinea ; Sepik-Gebiet ; Australien/Ozeanien ; ethnology ; society ; team effort ; clubs and societies ; culture ; clothing ; dye, paint ; craftwork ; painting, abstract painting ; economy ; construction ; forestry, silviculture ; labour and equipment science ; woodworking ; carving ; Australia/Oceania ; Papua New Guinea ; Sepik Region ; Kultur ; Ethnologie/Kulturanthropologie
Length:34 1/2 min
Format:Film, 16 mm, 375 m; 1/2-inch VHS
Year Released:1978
Director:Kaufmann, Christian (Basel)
Producer:Christian Kaufmann (Basel)
Distributor:IWF (Gšttingen) E 2286
Library Code:UHM AV/C 22102
Description:Zwei Schnitzer aus dem Dorf Meno stellen gemeinsam einen Zierbalken fźr ein Kult- und Versammlungshaus her. Gezeigt wird die Beschaffung des Holzes, die Schnitzarbeit in mehreren Phasen, das Grundieren mit Tonschlick und das Bemalen (Wei§, Gelb, Rot, Schwarz) in Gemeinschaftsarbeit.The film shows the various operations carried out by two Kwoma carvers from the village of Meno, who are working together to make a decorative beam for a cult and assembly house. The procuring of the wood, several phases of carving, priming with clay slip and painting done co-opertively can be seen. The film was made over a period of five months. For filming purposes the co-operation in loosely structured ad hoc groups common among Kwoma carvers was restricted to two people, Yessomari, the leading artist, and Ma'ingge, who was a member of his initiation class and is the same age.
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