La Polynesie au Coeur (Series)

Location:Easter Island / Rapa Nui; Tonga; Huahine; Tahiti; New Zealand / Aotearoa
Length:240 minutes (Each 1 hour)
Year Released:1980
Series:La Polynesie au Coeur
Library Code:UHM AV/C VIDEOTAPE 172-1, 2, 3, 4)
Description:A series of four videotapes on Polynesia, with French narration. (English transcripts available.) 1. Les Origenes; Ile de Paques, Royaume De Tonga (Easter Island and Tonga) Begins by tracing the history of the Polynesian people, where they came from and how. Explores the history of the Easter Island statues. The lives of people living on the island today are pictured. Next is a discussion on the history of Tonga. Includes social conditions, religion, etc. 2. Huahine: Le Pasteur et la Vanill. Reviews the social conditions, history, and some of the problems confronting the people of Huahine. 3. Tahiti: Le Chateau. History, social conditions, religion, current problems of Tahiti. 4. Confrontations: Nouvelle Zelande, Hawai'i. Describes the history, social conditions, religion, and current problems of Polynesians living on these islands.
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