Location:New Zealand / Aotearoa
Subject:Arts and crafts
Length:43 minutes
Format:1/2-inch VHS
Year Released:1993
Distributor:New Zealand Television Archive
Library Code:
Description:Track 1: Uhi Moko/Tattooing. An examination of the art of moko with an explanation by Tawhao Tioke on plants used for the pigments in traditional tattooing. Track 2: Fish Net Making (Country Calendar). The preparation and making of traditional nets by Pani and Len Tihore at Hicks Bay, East Coast. Track 3: Kitmaking Mahi Kete. Maata Te Maru and Totty Robson at Pukepoto near Kaitaia work with their people in creating these flax items. Track 4: Mahi Koaua/Traditional Maori Music. A hui at Te Araroa, East Coast showing how to make and play instruments.
Record No:105
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