Leahy Collection (Film 11): Mt. Hagen

Location:New Guinea
Length:10 minutes
Year Released:1933
Director:Michael Leahy
Library Code:NFSA
Description:Documents a singsing at Mt. Hagen (probably the first highland singsing seen by a European); grass skirts; bottoms dancing; shell decorations worn as body ornaments; a colonial administrator (General Griffiths) making a speech at the base camp; elaborate headdresses; demonstrating the power of the gun by the killing of a pig; a "first contact;" examination of a tomahawk; shy women; shaking hands; a stretcher bearing a sick man to Bob Gurnehy's Fox Moth to fly to Lae; Dan Leahy starting the propeller for takeoff; and a well-dressed man. Silent.
Record No:1076
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