New Hebrides Film Project: Malakula

Length:20,400 feet
Format:Archival Film (partial), 1/2-inch VHS (partial)
Year Released:1970-1974
Director:Kalmun Muller
Distributor:Smithsonian HSFA
Library Code:Smithsonian HSFA 75.1.1
Description:Full film record shot by Kalmun Muller among the remaining traditional and un-Christianized peoples of Malakula, the "Big Nambas" of Amok village and the "Small Nambas" of the Lendombwey region. Documents aspects of daily social interaction around hamlet complexes, various subsistence activities, and detailed ceremonial aspects of Nambas culture. Features the elaborate exchange, big-manship, and ritual life enacted in and around the Nambas ceremonial grounds.
Record No:1423
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