Ng Uchetemel a Llach Ma Lechub Eng Compact: Ngerar Ngii A Mo Melekau Ra Delad El Belau?

Subject:US relations; nuclear issues
Length:30 minutes
Year Released:
Series:English and Palauan versions
Producer:Options 2000; Nuclear Sovereignty Project
Library Code:UHM AV/C VIDEOTAPE 4513
Description:Constitution or Compact, Which Will Protect Our Motherland? Produced by Palauan activists Lily Ulitech, Ginny Nakamura, and James Orak to educate voters for the December 1986 plebiscite. Discusses the question of approving the Compact of Free Association offered by the United States or protecting the then-current Constitution of Palau, which had nuclear-free and sovereign rights provisions.
Record No:1441
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