Nga Paiaka Pacific: Pacific Roots

Location:New Zealand / Aotearoa; Cook Islands
Subject:Identity; festivals
Length:46 minutes
Format:1/2-inch VHS; 16mm; 1-inch master
Year Released:1993
Director:Tama Poata
Producer:Te Hokioi Film and Publishing Ltd
Distributor:New Zealand Film Commission
Library Code:UHM AV/C VIDEOTAPE 9516
Description:Footage of the various Pacific Island groups gathered for the sixth Pacific Festival of Arts, Rarotonga, 1992. Features ceremonies commemorating the legendary migration of Polynesians from the Cook Islands to New Zealand. Includes speakers giving their views on the emergence of cultural awareness and self-determination among Pacific Islanders. Some interviews in Maori with English subtitles.
Record No:1444
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