Nightmare in Paradise

Location:French Polynesia; Marshall Islands
Subject:Nuclear testing; colonialism
Length:23 and 26 minutes
Format:PAL; 1/2-inch VHS; slides
Year Released:1991
Producer:Women Working for a Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific
Distributor:L Medwell; Pacific PeoplesŐ Partnership Library (rental of Micronesia video only)
Library Code:
Description:Two videos made up of still pictures. The Marshall Islands program covers US use of the islands for testing and research and the effects on the health of the inhabitants of the islands of Bikini, Ebeye, and Rongelap. The French territories program covers the history of French colonization and the effects on the people and their struggle for independence. Shows also the effects of testing on the health of the inhabitants and the Greenpeace struggles against testing. 2 videocassettes
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