The Pacific World

Location:General Pacific
Length:45 Minutes
Format:1/2-inch VHS
Year Released:
Producer:Educational Design
Distributor:Zenger Media; Social Studies School Service
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Description:This five-part program explores the farflung islands of the Pacific world by contrasting the diverse economic, cultural, and historical conditions of the region. Part 1: provides an overview of the history and culture of Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands. Part 2: contrasts the various ways of life in the Samoas and the Society Islands. Part 3: explores the many unique foods and commodities of Oceania. Part 4: focuses on two developing Melanesian nations: Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Part 5: explores the art, craft styles, and forms of leisure in Melanesia and Polynesia, speculating on the future prospects of Oceanic cultures.
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