Papua New Guinea: People in Change

Location:Papua New Guinea
Subject:Culture change
Length:203 minutes
Format:BETA; 1/2-inch VHS
Year Released:1987
Series:People in Change
Director:Ian Dunlop
Distributor:Film Australia
Library Code:
Description:Part of a resource kit of video programs that pose the questions: what is a traditional culture, and how and why do cultures change. Facets of Papua New Guinean society from the period of Australian colonization through independence. Five parts: Village Life I, Village Life II, Towards Baruya Manhood (extracts), New Guinea Patrol, and Yumi Yet (extracts). Content covers the land, climate, fauna and flora, geographical position, and political subdivisions. Purchasers can request a 137-page teacher resource guide, designed for upper primary and secondary schools.
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