The Polynesians of Kapingamarangi

Subject:Culture study
Length:53 minutes
Format:16mm; Video
Year Released:1980 replaces 1950 edition
Director:Kenneth Emory and Carole Lathrop
Producer:Bishop Museum
Library Code:UHM AV/C VIDEOTAPE 6978
Description:Original footage was filmed by Kenneth Emory in two expeditions in 1947 and 1950. Captures the nature and rhythm of community life on a Polynesian outlier. Shows how the Kapingamarangi people have adapted to their atoll environment and made efficient use of their limited resources. Depicts the entire range of community activities: food production and preparation, fishing, house building, canoe making, and recreation. The spirit of cooperation, which is very much a part of Kapingamarangi culture, is a dominant theme. Also provides a glimpse of an era of Pacific ethnography now past. The film, like Dr. Emory's writings about the Kapingamarangi people, was his attempt to record what he believed to be the last vestiges of traditional Polynesian culture.
Record No:1678
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